Raman and Romi’s fight to split Bhalla Family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Raman, Ishita and Ruhi are showering love on Romi’s son Rohit. The Bhalla family is breaking and many fights are happening because of Raman’s anger and his step to defend Ishita. Raman used to be against her before and family used to support her, but now Raman is supporting her and going against his family. Raman gets glad when Ishita tells him about surprising Romi and Sarika by bringing Rohit at home and giving a warm welcome. Sarika and Romi take this in wrong way and a misunderstanding starts. Ruhi plays with Rohit and Raman too loves Romi’s son a lot.

Mihir and Rinki join them at home. Ishita makes dinner and asks Romi to come. Romi thanks her for inviting and asks her to be away from Rohit. He talks with disrespect asking her not to play with his son. Raman gets angry and counters Romi. Romi gets jealous of Mihir and speaks against Raman, Ishita and Mihir. Raman slaps Romi and beats him in anger. Mr. Bhalla gets more against Raman. Simmi calms Romi. Romi is back to his insensible days and Sarika’s entry in his life is making him against Raman and Ishita. Romi regarded Raman a fatherly figure before and now is against Raman and Ishita. Sarika makes Romi think of their future if Raman names everything to Ishita. Romi doubts that Ishita has tried to spoil his life. Ishita cries and curses herself to be responsible for all this. Raman pacifies her and asks her not to blame herself. The fight started by Rinki has taken over everyone’s mind and now Raman and Romi’s fight is an addition. Will Raman and Ishita manage to keep their family united? Keep reading.



  1. These kind of understanding creates more problems in a joint family and definitely not what serials should be showing. There are enough serials out there that are showing this. YHM is different than others. The writers are suggested to turn things around by showing that family should communicate clearly and not hide their feelings. The more they don’t talk about the problems in the family or avoid discussing, the more tension is created. We want to see how communication is all it takes to change the whole negative energy in the house. Before things get out of hand, Romi and Sarika should find out from Pathak that Ishita came to the rescue so that they could get the baby. Mr. Bhalla is an experienced mature man. He has always been supportive of Ishita. His reaction was totally against his personality. As an adult of the house he should think rationally that Raman has a hot temper and doesn’t mean anything. He has a good heart. Raman should realize that anger can cause lot of issues. Ishita should find a way to lock Raman and his dad up somewhere so that they could sort things out. Sarika knows Ishita as a person and can be a modern derani who would just approach Ishita about her feelings or whatever she thought she overheard and everything will be solved.

    Mihir is professional. In this time and age experienced professionals like Mihir will research the company who is giving him job offer and why. It is too easy to find out that Ashok and Suraj are the owners of the company and are taking advantage of the situation. Before it is too late, Rinky should realize that she went to Australia to study so where is she using her education? I sure hope not in breaking the family apart.

  2. I hope Bala can clear the misunderstanding that has been created otherwise the family will be falling apart. We would like to encourage more of having joint family rather than tensions and issues in the family. There are so many pros and less cons in staying in joint family. People nowadays are becoming more practical. Good-hearted emotional people like Ishita are the ones who suffer or get hurt more. These kinds of issues in the house makes genuine people wonder if it is advisable to look out for your siblings, to take care of your parents, to think about the whole family’s priorities than their own family. Selfishness is not easy to come in people like Raman and Ishita but the incidents like these will give a wrong message that good people in the family are always taken for granted and practical people are the ones who can get away with selfishness. So it is better to be selfish and practical than emotional fool. I hope the creators are rethinking the storyline.

  3. Liked the way Mihir explained to his wife in nice but assertive tone. Rinky is going way beyond on her immaturity level. Another way is Raman being an older brother should find a way to clear the misunderstanding his sister has. No one else should sort out their differences but them. There should be a sweet bond between an older brother and a baby sister. Rinky needs to be assured by her brother that he will always be a guardian angel to the baby sister and will never do anything to hurt her. Can’t wait to see Mrs. Bhalla come back and hopefully turn things around.


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