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Ishani comes to Ranvir while it is raining heavily. She is on the mission to expose Ritika. Ranvir didn’t know about it. They get closer and try to build their relation, but then realizes and moves away. Ishani is doing this to expose Ritika. Ranvir gets upset and talks about going far from her, Ishani gets upset too. Shikar’s one sided love is bringing them closer to Ishani. He drinks wine and leaves from home. He collides with Ranvir’s car and he tells him that Ishani’s memory loss might be feigned. This shocks Ranvir.

Mere Angne Mein:

Everyone dance during marriage sangeet. Even Shanti dances making everyone surprised. Kaushalya looks on surprised and looks happily. Kaushalya gets chance to romance with her husband Raghav infront of Shanti. Sarla gets worried as her truth will be revealed. The marriage preparations are for Amit, butShivam will marry eventually.

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap gets angry and has been victimized of the conspiracy done by his loved ones. He was actually sleeping on the cot and wakes up seeing himself away from this palace. Ajabde is seen sitting behind his bed side. His loved one Rawat ji wants Pratap to be safe and take him far from the palace, so that he is protected from the enemies. He gets angry and leaves from the place. There will be leap in the show very soon.


Ragini faints and gets unconscious. Ragini might leave Neil for forever. The Police comes and arrests Neil as he pushed Ragini and she banged on the wall. Neil argues that he has just pushed her and did not wish to hurt her. Neil gets protective about Pam as RK is getting married to Devika. Neil and RK argue and have a small fight. Ragini tries to intervenes and Neil pushes her in anger.


Jamai Raja:

DD comes to know of Misha being Schizophrenic and therefore carrying serious obsession for Sid thanks to her friend Arora. She is worried after learning Misha’s truth and how she had faked her medical condition. DD also knows Misha has already set-up plans to marry Sid, and is on the verge to succeed. Sid at his end is upset with himself in giving in to the demands of Misha and even signed on papers for marriage. Misha’s exploits Sid’s help to the hilt and pressurizes him to marry her within 3 days. Will DD succeed to inform Sid about Misha’s truth ? On Other hand, Misha is busy conspiring against Roshni who gets bullet injury. Misha shoots at Roshni to stay her away from Sid, oblivious to the truth that they are inseperable. Nothing will happen to Roshni as it is the plan laid by Sid and Roshni to catch the culprit. Sid and Roshni get back together and their marriage functions will start. They romance with each other. Will Roshni and DD get justice and making Misha to face stern action and court for her crimes ?

Sid & Roshni to inch closer towards their Reunion post their Life’s cliffhanger moment

Sasural Simar Ka and Swaragini Mahaepisode:

Mohini and her mum have caught Prem and Swara. Mohini is a Dayan and is doing some black magic on them. She has hypnotized Prem. Ragini pays Mohini to kill Swara. Mohini kidnaps both of them and gets them to Kolkata. Simar comes to know of Mohini’s truth when Mohini was trying to do blackmagic in the kitchen. Simar decides to go Kolkata and free Prem from Mohini’s trap. Swara will be getting to know Ragini’s truth.


Yuvraaj and Suhani have got misunderstandings increased between them because of Rohan. Suhani brings Roihan to her room and wants to show him some video. She plays her and Yuvraaj’s marriage CD. Yuvraaj comes there and gets mistaken seeing them. He insults her thinking she is seeing a movie with Rohan and she does not value him anymore. Suhani cries and leaves from there. Rohan gets angry on Yuvraaj and goes to console Suhani. Sharad tells the truth to Yuvraaj about Suhani playing the marriage CD, not any movie. Yuvraaj gets regretting. Sharad asks him to go and apologize to Suhani.


Lalima, the girl who was going to play Parvati’s role along Sooraj as Shiv ji is all set to become Sooraj’s second wife. Bhabho chooses Lalima for Sooraj. She asks Sooraj to marry Lalima and wants to give Lalima a place in their hearts and home as Rathi’s bahu. Rati Pandey will be seen as Lalima, and paired opposite Anas Rashid. Chandru will be showing concern to Sagarika and hence fall in love for her, seeing her simplicity and dealing with Himanshu’s mother. Sagarika wins Chandru’s trust and tries to get the info of the Sanghatan’s plans.

Bhabho to get Sooraj and Lalima married; Chandru falls for Sagarika in Diya Aur…


Kokila visits the Shiv ji temple where she spots her old friend. She follows the woman to catch up with her. She wants to meet her and share a talk. She stops the lady and sees its someone else. While her friend hides and keeps an eye on Kokila. The twist comes as Kokila’s friend has now turned into her foe. The lady will be targeting Kokila and the track will be shifting to Kokila’s new enemy.


Kabir and Ananya come on a date and dance on a romantic number. He compliments Ananya for her gorgeous looks and confesses love. Ananya gets bowled over by his charm. The viewers will be getting to see Kabir and Ananya’s romance in the next track.



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