Much ‘Meera’ Melodrama to overrun in Saathiya…



Meera gives her nod to marry Gaura’s grandson, as Gaura is similar to Meera’s nature. Kokila is still thinking whether this proposal has any wrong intentions of Gaura. She is not happy and worried for Meera. Meera makes a rocking entry at home driving the bike and shows her attitude to Gaura. Gaura gets happy seeing her bold look and hugs her. Gopi and Kokila have fixed Meera’s marriage with Gaura’s grand son. Gaura needs a bold bahu. She tells Meera that she is the best match for her grandson.

Meera is brought to the hall by elders for her engagement with Gaura’s grand son. She sits calmly until Gaura put chunari on her head. She stops Gaura and asks why she wants to make her bahu and asks if Modi family gave her money for this. She burns the shagun chunari. Vidya tries to blow the fire. Gaura feels suffocated with the smoke and her grand son comes running there. A new entry will be seen in the show. Keep reading.


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