Pragya ‘s accident and truth revelations to bring new twists in KumKum Bhagya



Recently Pragya and Abhi have confessed to feelings to each other, when Abhi takes her to beautifully decorated place with artficial moon set up. Abhi gets on cloud nine after Pragya tells him I love you, but his happiness is short lived as Pragya gives him promise to marry Tanu and convinced Dadi for her approval. Pragya takes Abhi to Dadi and declares to her that she wants her husband to marry Tanu and she is giving her approval being his wife. Dadi gets shattered and tells that she will inform her decision tomorrow. Pragya packs her bags and decides to leave just as Dadi announces her decision. In the morning, she goes and brings Tanu before Dadi takes her decision. Dadi being helpless announces Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. Tanu gets happy while Pragya leaves the house teary eyed. Aaliya knows the secret that Tanu is carrying Nikhil’s baby and decides to help Tanu to take revenge from Abhi. She thinks it will be a big punishment for Abhi to be separated from Pragya and gives his name to someone else baby. She decides to make Nikhil go from there so that Tanu marries Abhi smoothly.

Later, Pragya sees Tanu saying the truth of not carrying Abhi’s baby and marrying him as per his plan. She gets shocked and also gets to hear Aaliya’s plan of ruining Abhi. She says she has to expose Tanu and Aaliya’s truth to Abhi, as they both are backstabbing Abhi. She sees Abhi leaving in his car and rushes to stop him, to tell him about the truth. Another car hits Pragya and she meets with an accident. Who is responsible behind this accident? Will Pragya be able to bring the vamp’s true faces out? Hopefully yes, the track will get positive after some time. Tanu will be getting exposed soon and Pragya will be making a grand entry back in Abhi’s life. Keep reading.

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