Vasundara breaks Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage; Bihaan to marry Thapki



Dhruv wants to hear ‘I love you’ from Thapki. Aditi and Kiran keep a dance competition in their sangeet function. They want Thapki and Dhruv to confess love infront of everyone, and keep a condition that the dance competition result between the two teams will decide the person who confesses first. Their engagement is done in the same function, and Suman and Preeti try to cover up Thapkiā€™s stammering infront of Vasundara. They does not let Thapki talk to Vasundara and hinder their conversations throughout the functions. Bihaan and Thapki argue over the engagement ring swapping. She does not know about Bihaan’s good intentions and fumes on him. Bihaan gets sure that they can’t think alike and does not explain her.

The marriage day arrives and Thapki thanks Dhruv for giving his love to her, and choosing her as his bride. Vasundara hears her stammering and gets stunned. She hates stammering people and refuses to make Thapki her bahu. She wants the best girl for her son Dhruv and dismisses Thapki. Balwinder does not bear Thapki’s humiliation as the family felt Vasundara knows about her stammering. Balwinder gets Thapki married to Bihaan. Bihaan agrees for Balwinder and Vasundara’s sake, as he can do anything to win his mum’s love. How will Dhruv react to this? Keep reading.


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  1. we want thapki and dhruv marriage not bihaan. Bihaan you really do love marriages first you do your brother love marriage with thapki. Then we are believes you. Please vasundara ji dhruv sir loves thapki very much and also she loves him very much. You want your son happiness please do thapki and Dhruv sir marriage.

  2. i know that it will happen.i like bihaan’s charactor.but i don’t like bihaan.plz change him.bring some handsome man.
    i also know that dhruv will marry athithy.Thapki’s sister.

    • We all want thapki and dhruv marriage my family like this couple plz let them tie. If bihaan want to marry then aditi is best for him. We can see after marriage drama n all like vasundhra aunty will accept thapki..?after dhruv/thapki marriage. Plz add something twist in it or plz do yhapki n dhruv marriage…I beg…

  3. we want thapki and dhruv marriage. Vasundara madam you loves ur son very much but this is not fact if u really loves ur son happiness first you do your son marriage with thapki. Dont play cheaps games. Bihaan you also do love marriages, first u do ur brother love marriage. then we believes u. Poor thapki . Please dhruv sir we request you please marry thapki its our humble request. If dhruv not married thapki all viewers donot see this serial. this is fact.


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