Dylan and Debjani’s togetherness after all odds in Dilli Wali…



The secret of Dylan is finally out. He has been acting love with Sunaina to make her change her statement in the fake rape case against his step brother Abhimanyu Singh. Dylan’s family background will be showing up in the next track. He has left his ancestral property and his family in Goa and moved to Delhi to establish his career and identity. He wants to prove Abhimanyu innocent and succeeds by Dabbu’s help. Dabbu and Rajveer save Dylan in nick of the time and also record Sunaina’s crime confession. LN reopens the case and this time gives verdict in favor of Abhimanyu. He apologizes to Dylan and Juliet for giving a wrong verdict earlier, as Sunaina made false evidences against Abhimanyu.

Sunaina’s track gets over in the show, and Dabbu and Dylan get together again, being each other’s support and love. The next track is on Chandi and Rajveer’s love. Chandi does not know she is working on designs for Rajveer’s sister Mandy. Rajveer will be impressing Thakur Family by his jovial nature and also win Chandi’s heart. Will Chandi accept Rajveer’s love? Keep reading.



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