Bindass Naach: Desi Hoppers real-life journey, 2nd Episode on 23rd August 2015, Bindass TV – Promo


Bindass NAACH - new show from Bindass TV


Bindass NAACH, the real-life to reality show offering from Bindass TV is in its 2nd week of telecast. The passionate journey of Shantanu, Macedon, Nimit along with their team have begun and their quest is winning the World of Dance [WOD] competition in Los Angeles, which eventually they won last Sunday (16th August 2015).

Shantanu, Macedon, Nimit’s dream team turns out to be the first crew to represent India at WOD 2015. After the first episode telecast which was about formation and dance, the second episode telecast dwells on the team itself, and how they move ahead towards their dream. However, they face challenges, one of them being the leader election. While Shantanu thinks no one is a leader and goes for completely decentralized option but others didn’t echo the same feelings leading to tiffs, fights and an untoward tussle. How the dream team steer ahead after resolving their differences to inch closer to their dream translating to reality ? Stay tuned to Bindass Naach this Sunday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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