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Median zing spoilers


Yuvraaj and Rohan have a tiff at Suhani’s home, where Rohan angrily pushes Yuvraaj over Bhavna. Bhavna gets hurt and worries for her baby, though Yuvraaj consciously acts on time and gets his hand in between to fall away from Bhavna. Suhani witnesses this and fumes on Rohan for hurting Bhavna in anger. Rohan then plans to ruin Yuvraaj’s image. A girl is seen with Yuvraaj. Suhani and everyone see the girl sticking to Yuvraaj and get angry. Yuvraaj clears the matter and this annoys Suhani. Suhani gets jealous and angry on Yuvraaj. Bhavna starts getting labor pain when the elders are away from home. Suhani and Yuvraaj are by her side and start arguing like usual. Bhavna asks them to see her state first and argue later. Yuvraaj and Suhani have different suggestions on treating Bhavna.  They have a nokjhok in that serious moment, which makes the scene comical. Bhavna stars slipping unconscious and they both rush her to the hospital, hoping to get some good news of her baby and celebrate.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara’s family is celebrating Teej festival. Naksh gets an idea and wanted to do something exciting before the Teej festival. Akshara’s house is beeming with full of happiness since they are going to have Teej Puja, and are playing new games before it. Naksh sees everyone sad and thinks to cheer them up by wanting to bring some fun. He comes up with different games and makes everyone enjoy the games. Naksh’s girl friend enters the scene and tells that she is his girl friend since 2 years. Naksh refuses to acknowledge her. Akshara and Naitik get tensed. It turns out to be Naksh’s drama with his friend to tease his parents. Akshara runs after him to beat him. Later on, Naitik and Akshara find time to have romance during the Teej celebrations at home, and share happy moments of togetherness.


Bhalla family get grooving and dancing as they take Romi’s baraat to marry Sarika. Romi and Sarika’s marriage gets underway with all the rituals and soon gets completed. On other hand, Ishita and Raman share romantic moments after he takes her to a side and with the intentions to have a lovely and romantic conversation.

Doli Armaanon Ki:

Urmi’s mom-in law Damini is against Diya’s marriage with her grandson Shaurya, and asks Urmi how can an impure girl referring to Diya can come in their home as Bahu. She doesn’t want a relationship with Diya, but Urmi counters by giving a fitting reply on her decision that is Shaurya’s marriage with Diya going to happen. While Diya is in shock, Shaurya confronts Urmi by asking why she haven’t asked him before taking her decision. Will Urmi’s decision on setting-up Diya and Shauyra’s marriage going to hurt mother-son relationship ?

On other front, there is entry of actor Gaurav Chopraa in the show, in the role of 40 plus actor & superstar Akash Kumar [AK]. AK is the one who is having not so good outing off late in his films. Gaurav currently works in Channel V’s Sadda Haq and Star Plus’s Gulmohar Grand.

Gaurav Chopraa as Akash Kumar [AK] in Doli Armaanon Ki

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Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Anita and Tiwari get together for enacting the role of Rukmini and Krishna (Kanhaiya ji) after Vibhuti couldn’t enact the role as he burns his lips due to an electric shock after using an electric Bansuri. Vibhuti’s lips get black and thus tries to evade it from people’s eyes. Will Vibhuti go on to meet Angoori ?

Sadda Haq:

There are special SanDhir moments during the Rose Day celebrations with romantic ambience around. These special moments would be seen from this Friday 28th August 2015 onwards.

Sanyukta & Randhir in an elegant romantic pose during Rose day celebrations

Qubool Hai:

Mahira comes in disguise in a Burqa and teases Akram by changing her voice. She attempts to save Kayanat from Akram. But soon, Mahira’s presence comes to know to Begum Khan with Azaad uncovering Mahira’s veil. Soon after, Mahira gets slapped by Begum Khan after her truth comes out. The new found relationship between Azaad & Mahira yet to blossom.


Ranveer and Ritika’s marriage preparations have started with mehendi function. Ishani decides to leave the house after getting insulted and divorced by Ranveer. She couldn’t see his marriage functions anymore. Ritika asks Ishani to stay during her functions to make her feel jealous. Ritika started her drama with Amba. She asks Amba to grind the mehendi leaves, so that mehendi will get dark on her hands. Ritika tries to win Ranveer’s heart by making him eat the food made by her. They don’t ask Ishani to have food. Ishani has become single again and Ranveer is on the verge of marrying Ritika. Ishani leaves the house with her baggage while Ranveer looks on angrily. She looks at him with teary eyed.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya have indulge in serious argument and fight, thanks to the new track. Pragya has make new strict rules for the family. Pragya tells about rule no. 1 and asks everyone to wake up at 6:55 am in the morning. Pragya has become strict and hopes everyone follow the rules else she will throw them out. Moreover, she has sent the home staff on vacation since she wants Aaliya & Co to do all the household chores. Aaliya and Tanu get shocked as it woul be tough for them to follow new rules. Pragya makes Tanu wash the utensils, while Aaliya was asked to work in the kitchen, Taiji and Mitali do the sweeping and cleaning work in the house. Pragya thinks it has come as a shocker for them. She makes separate rules for Abhi. Pragya want to teach a lesson to Aaliya and Tanu by her new rules.

Pragya gains upper hand with strict rules for Abhi’s family, & gets into a tussle with Abhi

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Sarojini and Somendra get close to each other, but still have been far from confessing love. Somendra came to her haldi ceremony with a heavy stone on his heart. Somendra stares Sarojini as she dresses up in a bridal attire. Sarojini sits for her haldi and the ladder is about to fall on her, but Somendra saves her risking himself like a true hero. They have an eye lock and silent romance follows. Actually the kids were playing while the haldi ritual is going on and the ladder fall on Sarojini mistakenly. Somendra and Sarojini are speaking silently with their eyes and are pain as Sarojini’s haldi ceremony is going on. Somendra has become Devdas and came to attend the function after Sarojini’s refusal. Sarojini is helpless because of aunt and uncle’s favors on her since childhood. Later on, it turns out Sarojini will going to elope with Somendra, and marry him eventually.

Sarojini to elope with Somendra, and not to marry Mayank in Sarojini

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan has been exposed infront of everyone, as he does not see the family listening him. He tells Thapki that he wants to stop her marriage with Dhruv, because he hates her stammering. The family gets shocked. Bau ji’s trust on Bihaan breaks and he throws Bihaan out of the home, asking him to stay there till the marriage ends. Bihaan is worried and sees Vasundara angrily burning the mandap. He stops her and asks her to give him one last chance. While Dhruv tells Thapki that he will not leave her hand till they get married, Bihaan makes all efforts to stop the marriage. Bihaan enters the house secretly and goes to work out his plan, by marrying Thapki.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti tells Kaushalya that she will always dominate the home, no matter Kaushalya has turned into a mum in law now. She tells her that Riya will abide all her rules and also fills Kaushalya’s ears against Riya. Though Kaushalya is not affected by anything, Shanti sees this and starts her drama again. Kaushalya brings flowers for Riya and Rani. While Shanti taunts Kaushalya and asked if she had gone to beauty parlour. Sarla too joins her and taunts Kaushalya too. Will Riya come to defend Kaushalya?

Jamai Raja:

Sid manages to find Roshni & Ayesha being taken away in the car by kidnappers from the shrine and rushes to the warehouse location. DD gives ransom money to the kidnappers as she wants Roshni to be back home without any trouble. Sid tries to stop DD from succumbing to kidnapper’s demand. Both Sid and DD reach the kidnappers’ said address to give the ransom money, but the kidnappers refuse from their commitment to free Roshni and Ayesha. DD and Sid gets angry and start beating the goons. DD takes a strong avatar and beats the goons harshly. They finally manage to free Ayesha and Roshni from the kidnapper’s clutches. The police team comes and arrests the goons. Sid hugs Roshni and gets emotional with their reunion after overcoming testing times.


Swara is happy and is dancing even though Laksh is married to Ragini now. The reason for her happiness is unknown. She tells Ragini that she is doing everything for her parents union and does not care if Ragini wins Laksh’s love. This makes Swara rise in Sanskaar’s heart. Sanskar is happy seeing Swara dancing and falls in love with her.


Rashi’s death anniversary function is going on in Modi’s house. Everyone of them shed tears when the rituals take place. Gaura’s son portrayed by actor Amar Upadhyay enters the show and will become Gopi’s relative and son-in law in the coming episodes.

Jhalak Reloaded:

Jhalak contestants going to give two performances – solo & partner. Bharti Singh – actor & comedian going to be a special guest on the show, and she will be having fun antics with Shahid, Karan, and Ganesh in her humorous way. On other front, Karan Johar who has been with Jhalak since season 5 has bid adieu to the show this week in order to work on his upcoming movie – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Henceforth, he will missed on Jhalak from next week onwards. Shahid shares his thoughts on Twitter on missing Karan dearly.

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Badtameez Dil:

It is known that time has shown its dual nature for Abeer-Meher by acting as healer and also reminding them of bitter past. Recently, Abeer & Meher are driven to come close with circumstances playing their part, but they aren’t aware of the ulterior motives of their parents who cannot see their togetherness and reconciliation. With Tunno’s theft and gambling as a bait, Meher’s dad wanted to bring disgrace to Abeer and send him away from Meher. Tunno has fallen in the vicious trap that in turn going to affect Abeer. Later on, Meher bears the brunt of her father and Abeer’s dad plan as she meets with an accident, and it will lead to many implications. Also, there is entry of someone from Meher’s past post her accident. The question that remains, Will Meher & Abeer’s new found closeness going to suffer post her accident ?



  1. Oh my god!!!Swaragini spoiler was damm good…Sanskar fell in love with Swara!!!Just love it.Thapki spoiler was shocking,And please Ishq Ka Rang Safed spoiler….

  2. TSM plz
    this is the best soap opera for ever because it has strong story line with good actors
    amaya looking dashing and gorgeous


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