Sooraj gets out of trauma by Lalima’s efforts in Diya Aur…




Lalima lights her dupatta and also has made arrangements to light the hut. Sooraj sees Lalima going inside the hut with the fire in her dupatta. Lalima takes the big risk and goes inside the hut. She stands there till the hut catches there and calls out Sooraj for help. Sooraj gets a panic attack on seeing fire and wants to help her. Vikram and Mohit stop him. Lalima has out herself in danger to help Sooraj come out of his trauma. Sooraj runs to save Lalima and his fear of fire ends. He calls her Lalima and gets out of the his sense to feel she is Sandhya.

Bhabho also tries stopping Sooraj to make him feel its high time. Sooraj jumps in the fire to save Lalima and leaves behind all the fears. Sooraj comes to his senses and realizes Sandhya is not with him. Bhabho prays that Lalima’s trust wins. Lalima’s trust really wins when Sooraj saves her. Sooraj lifts Lalima and brings her out. Lalima has won after all and proved Sooraj is not mad. She has brought him out of the trauma. Bhabho thanks Lalima for her support in making Sooraj fine. Sooraj then heads to the temple to seek an answer from Lord about Sandhya leaving him. Keep reading.



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