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I m regular viewer of Dilli Wali serial. I watch it as it is based on a novel. I really liked the show in initial episodes. Aamir Ali and Sukirti’s look great pair. Dylan and Debjani’s love story won my heart by the innocent appeal. Debjani called Dabbu is very appealing and super sweet girl. I watch the show just to see Debjani and Dylan’s love story. I want to say about Mamta. When Dylan was supposed to have an affair with Sunaina…, Mamta has shown huge trust in Dylan that time. Mamta persuaded Debjani to have belief in Dylan’s love. That sounded sensible on a mother’s part to guide her daughter. I loved that interesting mystifying track.


I don’t like the track now. Mamta has become the vamp in the love story. Mamta is Debjani’s mother and now spoiling Dylan’s image and character in Debjani’s eyes to oppose live in idea by Dylan. Mamta could have explained Dylan of her opposition by strict face to face talk. Rather than that, she is shown cooking cheap plans to fix Dylan with ex girlfriend. This does not look sensible. Dylan has saved Debjani many times and proved his love. Mamta was nice and lovely as positive mother. Please make Mamta positive again and not a vamp. I want to see Dylan and Debjani happy. The serial is entertaining …. I love watching it…

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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  1. Very well said, Mamta and her OTT vampishness are destroying a show that’s otherwise very good. I miss those days when the riot track was there, the Shimla track, the sting ops….nowadays only Dabbu and Dylan are worth watching. hope makers take note.

  2. Really best current show in &tv no sas bahu no too much rona dhona no magic really unique show after long time and love Aamir ali and Sukirti Kandpal is amazing fresh beautiful jodi loved Dwtg

  3. It ws a lovely shw.. evry onez acting skil n roles r superb.. lov the scenz cntaining Dylan n Dubbu’s lov fr esch othr.. bt mamta aunty’s rol nw..? Disapointing.. Dylan z thr to see positiv things in marid life by watching dubbu’s parents n nw see wt mamta z shwing.. he vl list hz trust on mairrage.. she shd shw hr bst in marraig tht vl mak dylan impressd n forc him to chnge his thoughts.. rathr cooking stupid planz… watchingg the shw fr Dylan specially.. hs expressionz n scting..outstanding.. keep it up evry one

  4. I wish they showed funny and romantic plus cute scenes and not the fight and everything else I love the show but too much misunderstanding and mum became evil.



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