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Gulmohar Grand – As is the name the Serial Cast, Crew and everything is very grand in manner. Apart from regular drama series, this is finite as well as crisp serial. No unnecessary dragging and unnecessary plots for TRP increase and all. This serial genuinely portrayed the benefits and troubles of Hotel administration and management. The serial looked very nice, different and unique. It is having the Mixture of emotions filled with of love, Hate, Fear, Jealousy and Revenge. Each week one different track and different scenario which is very epic. The actors portrayed the roles very nice and stylish. Now only thing is the show got ended very soon without much track on Neil and Annie’s love story. I am expecting season 2 for that. According to me it is solid hit.

TR would like to thank Cute Sweety for this input.


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  1. Gulmohar Grand was one starplus weekend shows that i really enjoyed and looked forward to because you are sure to see a new episode with it’s twist and turns and that was what made the show unique and special, in all i loved all the casts especially Annie and Neil’s character, each episode sees them doing justice to their character and roles, so sad this show finished too soon, looking forward to the season two of this show, that is is starplus will listen, because i have noticed that viewers opinions does not matter to them as long as it has nothing to do with trp increase which according to me is totally unfair.


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