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I m big fan of Dreamgirl show and also the actors in it. I want to know what is Ayesha hiding. I guess it is Ayesha’s twin sister or any lookalike. That girl may be mentally unstable to attack little Mithi. I don’t know why is Ayesha hiding her. Ayesha is taking care of someone since so many years. She can let Manav know about her single good deed. Only if it has positive thing done by Ayesha. Why is the show turning scary and reminding Savdhaan India episodes? I want to see Laxmi’s journey to become a Dream Girl.

I liked watching Samar and Laxmi’s romance, sweet-light and entertaining scenes. Now they are showing Laxmi is falling for Karan. Is it her love for Samar faded? She was so passionate for Samar. Laxmi was shown crazy for Samar since childhood and dreamt to marry just the one and only Samar Sareen. She is getting everything as per her wishes now, is she turning ungrateful…? Why she wants to leave Samar? It will be cheating on Samar. This is really bad to have pity on Karan and love him. Are Pity and love the same? What makers want to show by this.. who will be Samar’s lead after Laxmi and Karan marry. I don’t want Dreamgirl to shift from the story. Instead, provide something as per fans wishes. Show should win hearts and fans more than just TRP and ads. I don’t want to see determined Laxmi as a confused self ruiner of love and dreams. Unite Samar and Laxmi.

TR would like to thank DG-SaMi fan for this input.

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  1. Totally agree with the views on sami!
    What are they doing to sami?
    Why is lakshmi suddenly confused about her love for samar ?
    Just because karan did her some favors or Idk what, she wants to do something for him and that something is calling off her engagement?


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