Ragini’s truth finally out; ‘All is well’ moment in Swaragini



Laksh and Sanskaar have a fight. Swara and Ragini look on. Sanskaar kills Laksh and stabs the knife. This shocks Ragini and Swara. Laksh has made Sanskaar and Swara marry by Ragini’s insistence. Laksh now knows Swara’s innocence and loves her again. He did not know the result of Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage. Laksh knows Sanskaar loves Swara. Ragini has sent the newlyweds to spend time after marriage. Laksh could not bear Swara with Sanskaar and went to see Swara. Sanskaar gets angry seeing Laksh after Swara post their marriage. Ragini pleads Sanskaar to stop and not beat Laksh. Sanskaar gets more provoked and stabs knife in Laksh’s stomach. This time, Swara was also against Ragini and did not stop Sanskaar from beating Laksh. Swara tells Ragini how she has lost Laksh by hurting everyone.

Ragini was shocked seeing Laksh dying. She has done much wrong and this had to end. She spits out all the wrong doings she has done. Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh have made this plan to make Ragini accept the truth. Laksh drags Ragini and tells the family everything. Everyone accept Swara and hug her. Ragini’s truth has come out and both the families have united again. Shekhar apologizes to Swara and Sharmishta. Even Dadi apologizes to Swara. Shekhar and Sharmishta unite again. Laksh’s family too clears their heart. Swara and Laksh will be uniting in next track, after Ragini gets lesson that evil never wins. Keep reading.


  1. Thank God .. at last truhh is finallycrevealed and the lovebirds re-unite. Waiting eagerly to see Swara and Lakshya getting married and living happily ever after

  2. Awesome.. waiting to see the show again after swalak unites 🙂 so happy. Had quit the show after the horrible twist in marriage earlier

  3. SWALAK/HEMISH forever……
    If this will be the next tract then I am 100% sure that swaragini will be the no.1 serial…..
    I agree that there are meny swasan fan but itna sb hone k bad v there r huge of SWALAK fan… & 1more thing that there are some raglok fan who support d swasan,, i agree that ragsan fan also supporting swalak but they are very few in no, less than raglok….. so individualy SWALAK fan jada hai…. 1bar swarak ki lovestoy restart ho jaye then is serial no 1 hone se koi rok nehi sakta…..

  4. kya ye sach hai??? mujhe to believe nehi ho raha k swalak ek honge… I love swalak very much bt mujhe koi hope nehi tha k ye tract kavi ayega….
    I am very very happy…. SWALAK forever…….
    & jo swalak fan swasan fan ban gaye ab wo v dhire dhire swasan ko vul jayega jade swasan ko dekh kr swalak ko gaya tha & firse swalak fan

  5. If this tract happen then swaragini will be the no.1 show……
    we want SWALAK….. HEMISH rockkkkk…..
    ab meny swasan fan kahenge k they quite d show bt i know they do not quite…. & they start liking swalak bt i agree k unke dil mai swalak kavi swasan k jaga nahi le sakta… bcos we swalak fan also gate same fillings… we also want to quite d show bt we dont… & we start liking swasan but swasan kavi v humare dil mai swalak k jaga nehi le saka…
    quki itna sb hone k bad v there r huge swalak fan… so I told that ye tract is serial ko no 1 banayega….
    HEMISH forever…. this couple always stay in my heart………………………

  6. finally,, swalak reunion ko le kar koi to spoilar aya… mai to bohot khus hu ise padkar… weating 4 this tract…..
    we all want to see HEMISH as a couple in onscreen as well as in offscrene….
    plzz reunite swalak as soon as possible… I am sure trp kam nehi honge badki trp badegi……
    LOVE U HEMISH………………

  7. bkwas… herat ha ye wife kaise exchange krty. shadi divorce sab ko mazak bna k rakha hua ha in dramas ma. mostly sb dramas ma ye hi track ha. shadi kisi sy honi thi hu kisi or sy gai or mostly bhai huta phr wo divorce dyne ko b tyar. lrki ko toy bnaya hua idhr udher pheenk ry.

  8. swara should expose her sis and then live with sanskar. have some respect. her ex-fiance didnt trust her before. trust is the foundation of every relation. she gave many clarifications and did too much struggle. is sb k bad koi b lrki hu aise lrky pr trust ni krna chahye if she do then she is also a big fool.

    • Maria very well said.marriage koi gudda gusiya ke khel nahin hai.gab chahe shaadi kardho uske baat thodkar pehle wale se phir se rishta jode. laksh doesnt deserve swara. he doesnt trusted her in her tough times and even called her characterless. but sanskar eventhough harmed swara in the beginning he realised his mistakes and supported swara

  9. If Swara goes bck to Laksh..i would quit watching this serial.This would show she has basically got no self respect.Althru she sd ,she has come here to unite her baba-ma..But if she gets back to Lakh would mean she wanted to brk Ragini n lakh’s reln too..which makes her no better than Ragini.She has simply misused Sankar..cos fake marriage was her idea not Sankar’s..Bogus!!


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