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Median zing spoilers

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar gets successful anfd makes Mohini and her mum arrested. Mohini is seen doing black magic on Sanjana in the hall, while the family looks on shocked. Sanjana is sleeping with garland in her neck and tilak on her forehead, as Mohini is about to give her sacrifice to praise the Devil for getting her work done. She takes out sword to kill Simar’s daughter Sanjana, but just then police comes and arrests the Dayan mother – daughter duo. Simar feels she has just saved Sanjana, and have to save all her family members. Mohini warns everyone before being taken away by the police. Simar meets Mohini in the police station and warns her to stay away from her family. Mohini rages and challenges her to save her family.


Ranvir started hating Ishani again. Ishani tries to prove her innocence and tells Ranvir that Ritika is lying. The Inspector tells that Ritika took her name. Ranvir shows hatred towards her and believes on Ritika’s sayings. Ishani comes to the Police station with Shikhar, to inquire about the shooter who had shot Ritika, but the blame came on Ishani to her shock. Ritika is very clever and plays her cards well as she has trapped Ishani. Ranvir doesn’t believe Ishani and feels she has betrayed him. The Sharp Shooter tells Ranvir that it is against his rules to give info about the person giving him supari, but he is going against his rule to help them. He takes Ishani’s name and says she is the woman who gave him money to kill Ritika. Ranvir makes Ishani leave from his home and pushes her outside the door. Ishani cries and Shikhar consoles her. Ranvir shuts the door on her face. Shikhar supports Ishani and takes her along. Ritika is planning that Ranvir has kicked Ishani out and her planning is working. Ishani did this drama to save Ranvir and her drama got exposed. The story has come to the initial point again and Ishani got away from him again. With this Ranvir’s trust on Ishani breaks making way to hate relationship?

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Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya enters Mehra house in a completely modern avatar shocking Tanu. Tanu gets shocked and tries to inform Aaliya. Aaliya asks what has happened to her, and if she saw Pragya just like Abhi. Aaliya gets shocked seeing Pragya. Everyone is happy seeing Pragya fine. Pragya shows attitude and drinks wine. Aaliya asks her to leave the house. Pragya asks Aaliya to mind her language and says she is the owner of the house. She shows house papers and tells that the house is hers, shocking everyone. Aaliya argues with her. Tanu stands shockingly. Everyone know about Pragya’s truth now. It seems simpleton Pragya will make everyone dance on her tune after her make over post accident. She will expose Aaliya and Tanu, and save Abhi. After the accident, Pragya started thinking for herself as she knows about Aaliya and Tanu’s truth. Abhi likes her new look, but doesn’t like her bold behavior.


Swara reaches the Baadi with Sanskar after their marriage. Everyone is shocked to see them wearing garlands. However Maheshwari family accepts the newly weds. Ragini gets shocked, but pretends to be happy with Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Swara enters Maheshwari house and her grah pravesh is done. Sujata isn’t happy with the marriage. This is just a plan by Swara and they are not actually married. Although Ragini has married Laksh, but is not happy with her married life. She tries to woo Laksh. Swara is seen with Sanskar. There is a cold war between the two sisters. While Swara is trying to expose Ragini, Ragini makes all possible things and acts goody goody to hide her doings. She hugs Laksh and cries, and her mangalsutra gets stuck to his shirt. Ragini says she wants to hide her doings from everyone, and feels Laksh will start loving her seeing her goodness. Swara and Sanskar are on the mission of expose her. Ragini in an attempt to protect her truth, puts secret camera in Swara and Sanskar’s room to know about their marriage truth.


Shekhar in disguise of a doctor come to the hospital. He steals a micro chip from a machine and goes from there. Sandhya is hunting for Chandu and does not know Shekhar is real Chandu. Sooraj’s marriage gets stopped for some time. Sandhya follows Chandu and reaches there late, and couldn’t find the chip in the machine. She gets tensed and goes from there. This is a twist in the show with Chandu planning a nuclear explosion to shake the country. Sandhya, Bharat and Zakir will be stopping Chandu from his plan. Sandhya’s mission will end soon and she will meet Sooraj.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan gets to know about Thapki landing in that cheap hotel and saves her from the racket in nick of the time. He takes Thapki from there and gets to know Vasundara’s lie about Dhruv’s Mama to stay in that hotel. Bihaan finds out about Vasundara buying the spirit bottle from the chemist shop and gets to know Vasundara’s intentions to stop Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage. He get thinking on why is she doing this when she has chosen Thapki herself. Bihaan gets to know about Dadi about Suman and Preeti hiding Thapki’s stammering problem from Vasundara. He asks Vasundara about her doings and she asks him to give a promise to her to stop Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage, saying she did not know about Thapki’s biggest humiliating weakness. Bihaan promises Vasundara for her happiness.

Bihaan turns Thapki’s savior and her life partner

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya gets to know Shanti and Sarla’s anger raise on Kaushalya for no reason. She finds them taunting Kaushalya unnecessarily and takes a stand for it. Sarla gets angry on Riya for marrying Shivam and shows her true nature to her, as being sweet to Riya is no longer fruitful for her. She taunts Riya and says Anupam has given her 1 rupee in the shagun envelop. Bindu complains about that envelop as Sarla has given it to her. Sarla turns the tables round and puts all the blame on Riya’s family. She says everything was decided and that’s why Anupam and Lali Bua did not respect them. Sarla and Pari hide the money envelops and show fake ones.

Contradictions to begin post Riya’s entry in Mere Angne Mein

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav comes to apologize to Dhaani. Dhaani shuts the door and asks him to leave. Viplav knocks the door again and asks her to listen to him. He realizes he has put her in big problem and is remorseful. His love story will come on track after she forgives him. Badi Amma comes and stops Viplav from meeting Dhaani.


Neil and Ragini are compelled to be together for saving Nishi’s marriage with Jignesh. Ragini’s mom blames both Neil and Ragini for Nishi’s dire situation and holds them responsible. Neil had earlier proposed to Nivedita for marriage in a high state but with the recent development of Ragini’s mom giving word to Nishi on her parents to be finally one, he gets emotional for Nishi. On the other hand, Nishi is not fully convinced about her grandma’s words about her parents. Neil finds himself in a position to convince Nishi about her grandma’s words being the truth. Nonetheless, Neil and Ragini’s marriage gets completed after they took seven vows again to build the marriage bond. Neil fills sindoor in her maang and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Suhani, Agam are happy to see their parents married and congratulate them for their reunion. Will Nishi’s marriage going to survive post Neil & Ragini’s marriage ?

Neil and Ragini all smiles after their marriage

Neil & Ragini to marry for shouldering family responsibilities in IKNMP…


Raman and Ishita continue to argue about the clothing. Raman asks her to wear whatever she likes. They continue their usual knok jhok. Ishita dresses in her south Indian saree and look to attend the function. Vandu and Bala are blessed with their daughter Shitija and they keep her naming ceremony. The families have double happiness when Mr. Bhalla announces Romi and Sarika’s marriage in Shitija’s naming ceremony. He says we have decided to keep Punjabi style grand marriage next week. Everyone hugs Romi and Sarika and congratulates them. They all have a good time in the naming ceremony. Abhishek comes there to meet Mihika and his entry brings a twist. He spots Sarika with Romi and gets shocked. Sarika gets tensed seeing him. He tells Sarika that he was finding her since long time and holds her hand to take her from there. A big twists will be coming in the marriage.


Rashi gets inside Gaura’s room and Gaura catches her. Rashi gets terrified as Gaura scares her saying she is a witch and will kill her. Rashi gets in shock and does not talk. Gopi tries to know Rashi’s trauma and does not get to know anything. Rashi does not tell anything about what she has seen in Gaura’s room. Gaura keeps her fear in Rashi’s mind. Gopi got a new challenge to find Gaura’s true face.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu’s master plan to launch himself as Mehmood ji’s big fan and pay a tribute to the comedy icon fails. Jatin Verma flies down to Mathura from Mumbai and gets to know Titu’s plan for his big self launch. Titu gets help from Vaishaili, Panchi and everyone. He gets inside the Murli Hall and gets on the stage before Jatin. Jatin comes on the stage and says he is the face behind Mehmood’s news. Titu dances as Mehmood ji on the song Ek Chatur Naar…. And Jatin Verma performs opposite him. They both compete in the comedy faceoff and get Mehmood’s look. Jatin does well and suddenly stops seeing Titu’s talent.

Titu’s tribute act to Mehmood ji turns victorious in Tu Mera Hero

Qubool Hai:

Mahira sees her step sisters running to see the guy. Mahira gets to see Amaan. Amaan’s entry makes all the ladies of the house dance. Amaan and Azaad are brothers and they are always fighting. They have hatred between them, but when any one of them falls in problem, they get united. Azaad will save Mahira’s life from electricity wife and then become her love. They will have love triangle between them. Azaad and Amaan will fight for Mahira.

Leap brings an evil revenge story yet again in Qubool Hai


Chakor is with Rocky. She gets in Vaibhavi’s sight. Vaibhavi calls up Babu and asks him to kidnap Chakor from her house. She tells him that Rocky has got Chakor home. She asks him to get inside Rocky’s room from the window and take Chakor away, while Rocky is sleeping. Chakor asks Rocky to get up as they have to save many kids from the goons. Rocky gets sound sleep and does not get up. Chakor gets upset and thinks what to do. She fears the goons will hurt the kids to know about her. Babu sends Munna to find Chakor in Rocky’s room. Chakor changes her look and dresses in boy’s style, and names herself Choka, to secure herself from the goons and help her friends. Chakor gets away from there and Munna does not get her in Rocky’s room. Munna and Babu start searching Chakor again.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Vibhuti is not able to hear anything and confusion starts between Angoori and him. She talks to him and he does not react. She gets angry on him. The doctor reaches Vibhuti’s house to check on him, as he is unable to hear anything. Bhabhi ji gets tensed seeing Vibhuti’s condition. The show gets supercomical with Vibhuti getting deaf.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Rudra and Dev’s step to defame Rachita to hurt Sneha and Gajanand have succeeded. After getting humiliated from Rama’s mum, Gajanand and Sneha take Rachita’s proposal for Rama. Rachita agrees to marry Rama, just believing Amaya’s faith on Mantu’s words that Rama is a nice guy. Gajanand fixes Rachita’s proposal with Rama by requesting Rama’s mum. Rama gets happier and comes to Mathur house for the shagun ceremony. Mantu accompanies Rama and some happier moments are seen. Rama is much happy, but Rachita isn’t. She gave her nod to marry Rama to keep Sneha and Gajanand united. Dev gets to know from Rudra about Rachita not being Rishi’s father. He doubts on Sneha’s character and asks Rudra to make this matter a huge issue. Dev does not realize that Rachita is his own daughter and asks him to ruin Mathur’s name by defaming Rachita. There will be big twist in the show when Sneha breaks out to Dev about Rachita’s truth.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi has returned in Ayesha’s life as Naina and playing around with her, as she did not come infront of everyone till now. Ayesha makes everyone believe her and fails to do so, as the entire crew admits of not seeing Laxmi. Ayesha gets terrified as Manav is off for official meetings. She seeks help from Abhimanyu again. She tells him how Laxmi has met her as the writer Naina. Abhimanyu does not believe her and Ayesha gets agitated. Laxmi acts to be losing vision and memory, just to take her revenge form Ayesha. Samar feels Laxmi’s presence and tends to believe Ayesha.

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Sumit Sambhal Lega, the upcoming sitcom offering from Star Plus, starts from 31st August 2015 @ 10 PM, and takes Tere Sheher Mein’s slot. Sumit finds himself stuck between his mom and wife. Sumit’s mom hits out at his wife Maya with not so sweet conversations. Maya feels amused with her mom-in law’s banter going overboard and to make matters bit worse Sumit pokes fun at her not being mindful of what she would be going to feel.

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Time Machine:

Karthik Devaraj, the one who has the technology and ability to go back in the past faces an uphill worry and uncertainty. Karthik wins a victory over his opponent after he was successful in going back in the past to Nalanda University. However, the victory turns out to bring cliffhanger moment in his life since his family has been taken away to the past by his opponent with evil in mind. Will Karthik manage to rescue his family within time ? Find out more, Time Machine, Episode 7 tonight @ 9 PM on Epic Channel.

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