Unroll: Lalima to hold hidden motives; Sooraj chooses Sandhya over Lalima…


diya aur

Sooraj gets Sandhya in bridal getup and they reach Pushkar. Sandhya meets the neighbors and greets them. They proceed to home, unknowing that Sooraj has got two lovers now. Sooraj brings Sandhya back home. Bhabho welcomes Sooraj and brings Lalima as his bride. Sooraj and Sandhya get shocked seeing Lalima. Sooraj stands with Sandhya for the grah pravesh and Bhabho makes Lalima stand along with them. Sandhya touches Bhabho’s feet to take blessings and Bhabho moves back. Sandhya cries seeing Lalima chosen as Bindni by Bhabho. The Grah pravesh turns unique as Sooraj enters home with Sandhya and Lalima.


Bhabho does their aarti of the trio. Bhabho asks Sooraj to choose between Sandhya and Lalima and gives him one day time to think. Sooraj holds Sandhya’s hand, and Lalima pulls Sooraj to her side. The discussion starts about the woman to get Sooraj’s wife’s rights now. Bhabho seeks answers from Sandhya, who has left Sooraj and Ved helpless. Bhabho has seen Lalima sacrificing a lot for Sooraj, and wants to do justice for her. She has given promise to Lalima. Bhabho tells Sandhya how Lalima has sacrificed everything to make Sooraj normal. Sandhya’s new test has started. Bhabho welcomes Lalima inside the home, and leaves Sandhya at the door. Sooraj knows Lalima is like Devi and respects her, but he loves only Sandhya. Lalima would be hiding a big secret, which Sandhya would find out to kick out Lalima out of Sooraj’s life. Keep reading.


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