Indravati to kill Prem, instead losing to Simar…



Prem is going to meet Mata ji, Simar and family in the jungle. The goons come there and try to snatch the bag from the women. Mata ji and everyone try to get the bag from them. The bag has the pots in the bag. Mata ji tells them to take jewelry and leave the bag. The bags with the pots fall down and the women get shocked.

Indravati is provoked by Siddhant and Amar. She rages and tells Prem that she will kill him. She will make her family shake with fear and no one will be able to save them. She has kidnapped Prem and is mad about him. Indravati cuts Prem’s hand and his blood drops fall on the ground. Siddhant loves Prem a lot and tries to stop Indravati from attacking Prem. He makes Indravati faint and takes her outside. But his plan fails, as she is a Daayan. She chants some lines and makes Siddhant and Amar fall down. Bharadwaj family is always there for each other, and gets afraid that the family can make her lose in the game. How will Simar-Prem get victory over Indravati? Keep reading.


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