mere angne mein4

Mere Angne Mein is a typical reality show of every household. I enjoy family’s conflicts, Controversies ofwrong upbringing. There is a famous Proverb YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. The same happened with Shanti and Sarla. Shanti always sidelined her innocent bahu and gave full support to daughter Sarla who was always busy in hatching plans against others. The same values she has given to her son and daughter too. Her son Amit is two more step forward. Now due to his bad habits, Amit got kidnapped by goons and Sarla is making arrangements for money from Shanti through her fake drama of cancer to save her son. In this way, Shanti lost her blind trust on Sarla, this is better. Riya is really superwoman, managing both office and home simultaneously.

TR would like to thank MAM Fan for this input.

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