Gayatri succeeds in bringing out Badi Rani’s truth…



Badi Rani got happy when she thought her dream would fulfilled and Gayatri is killed. She wears the crown happily thinking Gayatri went away from their life. She gets shocked seeing Gayatri returning and singing old classic song. She gets tensed thinking her plan might be exposed. Very soon Gayatri will expose her. She has returned to take revenge on her and no one can save Badi Rani now from the wounded queen. Gayatri plays hide and seek with Badi Rani.

Gayatri hides and pops up infront of Badi Rani all of the sudden. Badi Rani screams seeing her. Rana ji hears all the conversation and is shocked. Rana ji has faced the truth, Gayatri has exposed Badi Rani’s truth by risking her life. Badi Rani has confessed she has killed Rani Sulakshana. She accepts all the crimes and says she has killed many more people. Rana ji fumes and scolds Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani Maa is exposed. All Ranis will show their cleverness, it will be big twist in ETRETR. Rana ji calls guards to take Badi Rani away. Gayatri is ready for taking throne. Gayatri snatches Badi Rani’s crown calling her undeserving for the righteous crown.



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