Abhi’s smart trick on Pragya to get property back…



Abhi is singing and playing music to get property from Pragya. He is doing shayari to please her. Abhi is doing all this special care to fool her for his profit. Abhi says he will sing a mind blowing song, then she has to accept his proposal. Pragya agrees and says she will agree only if she likes the song. She falls in his trap and likes the musical song a lot. His plan succeeds as Pragya signs on property papers. Pragya does not know whether papers are genuine or fake, but has trust on Abhi. Abhi then sings lullaby for her and makes her sleep peacefully.

On the other hand, Tanu and Aaliya are taking the dead body in storeroom. They killed the man by car accident. Tanu says accident happened from Abhi’s car. Tanu is helping Raj and Aaliya to hide their crime. Pragya gets to know about this accident and tells Abhi. Abhi does not believe her. She drags Abhi to show him the body. Its high time that Pragya should take a step to open Abhi’s eyes and end Tanu-Aaliya’s drama. Keep reading.



  1. In kumkum bhagya, pragya is doing nothing. Har plan fail ho jata h aur. I liked this serial.but still i don’t like it.

    pragya please do somerhing.9thdec. Episode me abhi par ilzam lagaya.alia, tanu aur brother ka sach kb samne ayega.


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