Devika and Paatali Devi to trouble Simar …



Simar comes home and family gets glad seeing her. Simar makes an idol by much hardwork. Simar tells Devika that Anjali will also help in making the idol. Devika sends Anjali away and Simar gets tired making the idol alone. Simar and Anjali leave from Devika’s house. Simar realizes Anjali picks the doll from Devika’s home and is upset with her. Devika gets shocked seeing doll missing. She recalls Anjali taking the doll and worries as the doll has her soul trapped in it.


Jhanvi’s estranged husband Anurag come to take her back home. Roli thinks they should leave the decision on Jhanvi and she should decide about her future. Mata ji asks Roli to explain Jhanvi and convince her for giving a second chance to Anurag. Later on, Prem sends a profession sculptor to help Devika in making idol. Devika gets upset with this. There are more twist and turns in the show after Devika and Paatali Devi entered the show. Keep reading.


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