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Bhabho has confessed the murder crime. She tells how helpless she was to kill Mohit. She says she has given birth to Mohit, and it was impossible for her to kill him, but he has posed such situation. She says she did not kill her, but she has killed a man who has tried to ruin a woman’s respect. Bhabho has killed Mohit to save Lalima’s respect and life. Bhabho is not worried to get any punishment, she is sure that she has done right to save a woman’s respect. Emily feels Bhabho has done right to take this step. Sandhya is worried to send Bhabho to jail. The people of Pushkar pleads to get Bhabho freed, as she has taken this step to save an innocent life.


Sesha is helpless as she goes to see Guru Maa doing Maa Kaali’s puja. She fears this puja will ruin her. She goes to kill Guru Maa and bite her. She dresses as a Sadhvi and reaches the cave, where Guru Maa is doing Mata Kaali’s puja. Guru Maa is doing yagya to free Ritik’s family from Naagins. Sesha determines to stop Guru Maa as she has to take revenge from Ritik’s family. Sesha has applied Shiv ji’s Bhabhuti and stepped in Kaali temple cave. By Shiv ji’s blessings, Sesha stays in human form. Guru Maa does not get bitten and gets saved.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi is very happy today, he got the property papers back. He has fooled Pragya and got the locker out. The old cupboard broke and he got papers. Abhi has become the ruling king again. Pragya was doing this for his family, so Abhi has to understand her true intentions.

Mere Angne Mein:

Mohit goes to meet Preeti while everyone is sleeping at night. Shanti wakes up and goes out to get water. She sees Mohit. He sees Shanti and gets tensed. He acts to walk in sleep. Shanti sees him coming downstairs and slaps him. He tells her about his problem of walking in sleep. She ties rope to his foot to limit him from sleepwalking.


Ishani cries and is sent to Nirbhay’s room by the family. Ritika blackmails Ishani and has made her act as Nirbhay’s wife. Ritika and Nirbhay are torturing Ishani. Nirbhay announces that Ishani is his wife, though they did not marry. People assume that Ishani is Nirbhay’s wife. Ishani is bearing Ritika and Nirbhay’s torture for Ranveer. Ishani resists and they blackmail about sending Ranveer to jail again or kill him. Nirbhay hates her and wants to trouble her a lot.


Ragini is having rest while making others work. Ragini’s misbehavior is getting high. She has thrown water on Annapurna’s face and also the dusting cloth. She insults Annapurna. Ragini says I m bad and I will insult them. Sanskaar and Laksh get angry and insult Ragini. Sanskaar says it was getting worse, she can’t insult his family. Sanskaar throws water on Ragini’s face. Ragini says she will give him an answer. She throws the things and spoils the floor, asking Annapurna to clean it. Sanskaar and Laksh got together to stand against Ragini.


Akshara is dealing with her blindness and feeling helpless. She asks Naitik not to spoil his work to be with her, round the clock. She cries being so dependent. She needs Naitik’s support always. She goes on terrace and after being there for a while, she looks for the stairs. She asks someone to help. Naitik comes there and spots her going to the edge. He comes to her rescue and stops her from falling down. She hugs him. Her self esteem is hurt to take help from everyone so much, as their life is getting disturbed because of her. Naitik takes her to room, and keeps flowers for a fresh feel and cheering up her mood.


Armaan and Mahira are coming close. Armaan does not want to go on his work, and stays with her. They hug and rest in the bed after many alarms ring. They always had arguments and it is first time to see their romance. Armaan decorates the room and gets Mahira there. They confess love to each other. They hug and before they had any romance, Amaad makes an entry from the bathroom. Amaad has a secret which troubles Armaan often.


Raj feels Maddy is a bad guy and has put him in jail. He spikes Maddy’s drink in the party. Maddy gets drunk and falls. Koel rushes to Maddy to help him, and trusts him a lot. Raj does not know the truth of Maddy and Koel’s relation. Raj’s plan fails.

Jamai Raja:

Shabnam’s truth has come out. Sid and Raghu has exposed Shabnam that she has killed Sid. The family was shocked to see Sid and Raghu’s dual avatar together for the first time. Shabnam panics seeing this. Shabnam asks Raghu to save her. Raghu pushes her away and says he is her Jija ji Siddharth Khurana. Sid and Roshni do a play and expose Shabnam’s truth to everyone. Shabnam rages and tries killing Sid again. She says she will not leave him this time. He says her sin pot has filled and there is no chance that she can win this time. DD slaps Shabnam. The police comes there. Shabnam asks Raghu to save her. Raghu pushes her away and says he is her Jija ji Siddharth Khurana. Shabnam fails and gets arrested. Roshni is angry on DD. Roshni and Sid are leaving the house. DD tries to stop them. DD fails to stop them, but a new twist comes. A man comes to them and claims that Roshni is his wife.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Tiwari kisses Anita’s pics. Angoori does not know anything that there is a hidden camera in the house. Vibhuti wants to expose Tiwari. Tiwari gets caught in the video. Vibhuti plans to show the video to Angoori ji.

Siya Ke Ram:

Bharat has returned back to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi is glad to see him like a total warrior now. She feels Bharat can take Ram’s place now and become the king of Ayodhya. Dasharath tells her that Bharat can be a good helping hand for Ram from now on, after he announces Ram as the king. Kaikeyi determines to make her son Bharat the king, and starts manipulations, which makes her distant from Ram.

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