Thapki and Bihaan towards victory in Super Bahu competition…



Shraddha adds sleeping tablet in the milk. Bihaan drinks the milk and sleeps. To Shraddha’s shock, Bihaan arrives for the Super bahu competition. Bihaan and Thapki compete well and win the first round. The round shows Thapki’s good nature and best abilities. She is asked to plough the field. She sees the ox is wounded and ploughs the field on her own, by lifting the plough on her shoulders. Thapki asks Bihaan to call a vet for treating the ox. Bihaan helps Thapki in the round and they win. Thapki feels she should not compete with her own family members, Shraddha, Suman and Preeti, who are also competing. Diwakar and Aditi also participate in the competition. Vasundara tries making the competition tough for Thapki and make Shraddha win by cheating. Bihaan lifts Thapki in the second round task and they win again. Shraddha fumes seeing them applauded. Vasundara promises Shraddha of her victory.


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