Pragya’s big grief over Bulbul’s death…




Pragya is worried, as she is not getting her sister Bulbul. She is trying to find Bulbul. She asks people about Bulbul. Pragya does not know Bulbul will go away. Bulbul will meet Pragya and tell her not to stop her, she will commit suicide and fall down a cliff. Purab will break down by Bulbul’s suicide. Pragya’s truth will be known to everyone, that Pragya did not lose memory and did drama. Sarla will be shattered by Bulbul’s death. Sarla will end relation with Pragya.

Pragya shattered and got Abhi’s shoulder to cry on. Pragya is shattered as her sister is not with her. Pragya regrets that she could not stop Bulbul from committing suicide. Pragya could not get Bulbul’s culprit punished. She tells Abhi that its all because of her. Pragya says I should have been down the chandelier, she saved me and died. Pragya tells Abhi that she has seen Bulbul dying infront of her, and feels guilty for not being able to save Bulbul. This pain is so big that Pragya can’t come out of it so soon. Abhi hugs her and pacifies.



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