Sarika’s troublesome entry back in Bhalla house…


yeh hai mhbtn9

Romi hugs Rohit and accepts him heartily. Romi sings lullaby and plays with him. When Sarika told Romi about Rohit’s truth, Romi was keeping himself away from Rohit, but when Rohit cries, Romi couldn’t stop himself. Ashok creates an issue linking Romi with Mihika. He tries defaming Mihika by clicking Mihika and Romi’s pics. Ashok then instigates Sarika against Romi and Mihika. Sarika feels injustice happened with her and gets revengeful again.


Sarika starts creating trouble for Raman and Ishita. Sarika is back in Bhalla house. She shouts on everyone. Sarika’s entry will be taking Ishita’s test again. Sarika has blamed the family and claims that she is herself. She tells them that Romi left her when she was pregnant, Bhallas did not accept her, she managed all sorrows alone, her mum died in all troubles. She says they all came back to her to take Romi’s baby. She tells them that Romi’s baby died by his mistake. Ishita gives her an answer, and says Romi fought with Raman to get you accepted by this family. She counts all the crimes Sarika did, she attacked even Adi and Ruhi. She says Sarika can’t be forgiven. Sarika promises to ruin them.


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