Sid’s Shagun move to fail Bansi-Kunal’s plans…


jamai raja

Roshni falls over the balcony as she slips while playing with Ayesha. Roshni hangs from the third floor railing, and Sid runs to save her. Sid gets angry on Kunal. Sid slaps Kunal and scolds him, saying Kunal is responsible for this. He asks Kunal to fight like a man and not harm Roshni, else he will throw Kunal down the building. Kunal has gifted a dress to Roshni and was offering his friendship. Roshni accepts the dress, but has to beware of Kunal and Bansi, who would hit her by acting sweet.

Later, Sid arranges lohri at home. Roshni and Sid happily dance in lohri celebrations. Kunal’s mother Shagun has come in their lives. Sid wishes to make her his Choti Maa, as this is his strategy to join hands with her. Sid heard Shagun likes his dad. Sid is using Shagun to get info from her to tackle Kunal and Bansi. After all problems, Sid is celebrating lohri forgetting everything. Sid will be using Shagun cleverly to make her close to Raj, and lies to her that he will be making her his Choti Maa so that he gets all secrets about Kunal and Bansi. Sid’s dad Raj and mum Simran are also with him in this plan. Raj and Shagun take fire rounds around lohri. Simran seems to be very happy to bring Shagun in Raj’s life. Will Sid succeed in his plan? Keep reading.



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