Akshara’s triumph in car rally next in Yeh Rishta….



Akshara wins the car race, which is kept for blind people. Sangram drives the car. Akshara becomes Sangram’s navigator. Akshara takes part in blinds’s car rally and Naitik wanted to make her participate. The family also supports Akshara. They get to know Sangram is Akshara’s car driver. Naitik worries as Sangram is responsible for her blindness. Akshara gets shocked too as Sangram drives the car. Sangram drives rashly and she argues with him. Sangram has changed by the guilt. Sangram wants to prove that he has changed, and they win the race. Akshara was scared that Sangram can play a new plan now. Sangram and Akshara’s race victory brings happiness. Akshara gets the trophy and says Sangram is the real winner. She reaches her family safe and believes Sangram again. Sangram wants forgiveness from Singhania family. Akshara feels proud holding the trophy. She poses with the families. Dada ji blesses Akshara and praises her courage. Naitik did not expect Sangram to win the race. Akshara forgives Sangram.



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