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Sarojini dances in the bar. Sarojini was losing her respect. Tadka Bua has got Sarojini to Kotha. She has kidnapped Sarojini’s family and made her dance to save her family. Sarojini says I m very helpless, its lots of pain to dance like this, where men are troubling me. Sarojini cleverly takes video and sends it to police. Police reaches there and arrests the men. Sarojini exposes Tadaka Bua.


Simar sings in the jagrata and prays to Mata. She seeks blessings and strength from Devi maa and she want to make Paatali Devi lose. Suddenly her pallu catches fire, but Prem saves her on time. She apologizes to Anjali. Later, Devika dresses like Simar and goes to Simar’s room. Prem assumes Devika is Simar and makes her wear mangalsutra. The light comes and Prem stops. Simar gets angry seeing this and slaps Simar. Devika asks Prem to accept her as his wife. Devika wants to stay with Prem. Simar gets furious, and fails Devika’s plans. Simar and Devika will have a fight for Prem. Simar will be going in Paatal lok and become queen.


Chotu and Priya are in market. Sooraj and Sandhya catch him. Chotu worries seeing them. He starts making excuses and leaves with Priya. Sooraj and Sandhya get worried. Rathi Family will know about Chotu and Priya’s love story, which can ruin Bhabho’s dreams. Sandhya packs her bags as she is leaving for Hyderabad. She wonders she does not know the address, despite staying in Hyderabad for one year during her training. Sandhya does not know Resham and Arzoo belong to Pakistan’s Hyderabad. Bhabho makes Sandhya dress up like a bride. Meenakshi gets jealous seeing Bhabho showering love on Sandhya. Bhabho wants to try the bridal jewelry on Sandhya, which she bought for Arzoo.


Akshara’s eyesight have gone, but her voice has become musical. She comes to take part in Udaipur musical competition. Someone called and cancelled Akshara’s entry in the competition. Naitik hugs Akshara and pacifies her. Akshara practices her singing competition and gets nervous. Naitik encourages her. He tells Akshara that the winner will be going to Mumbai and get a song recorded. He wants Akshara to win the music competition and earn a name. Naitik would be sending someone with Akshara to Mumbai, as just a girl can accompany Akshara.


Sanskar makes Swara wear the necklace. Suddenly, Swara feels suffocated. Everyone is shocked. Everyone gather for the puja, and get glad seeing Sanskar gifting necklace to Swara. But their happiness ends seeing Swara getting suffocated as the necklace tightens her neck. Everyone try to take it out, but it doesn’t come out. They wonder who is behind all this who are attacking her. There is a ghost entry in Swaragini also. Ragini’s Maasi have brought this ghost drama. The ghost track started when a bat entered during their engagement.


Rana ji is getting engaged again. Gayatri is helpless and dances on the song. Gayatri’s problems are not ending. Rageshwari is getting engaged to Rana ji. Rageshwari dances with Rana ji holding a knife. Rana ji gets sad and tells Gayatri that he loves her. They have a hug. Rajmata and Badi Rani dance on the song Hoton me aisi baat………. Raj Mata signs Rageshwari and is angry on her. Its sangeet of Rana ji’s third marriage and Raj Mata has to dance. There is twist in the song chosen for Raj Mata’s dance. She has got a secret of Badi Rani and Rageshwari. Badi Rani is supporting Raj Mata in dance. Raj Mata doesn’t want Rana ji to marry Rageshwari. Rageshwari dances with Rana ji in cheap style. Rana ji is not happy seeing Raj Mata dancing. Gayatri cries seeing Rana ji’s engagement.


Shivanya is attacked by the Icchadhari Nevla. There is a fight between Naagin and Nevla. Shivanya gets wounded by the attack and comes in the Shiv temple. Guru treats her wound and nothing helps her. Guru ji finds this problem very big and brings his Guru to check Shivanya. Bade Guru Maharaj also does not have the medicine for her wound. He asks her to go far to another Shiv temple and pray, that too she has to go with Ritik. Shivanya does not know how to take Ritik along.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki has drunk the poisonous milk to save the family. Thapki knows Vasundara has added the poison and wants to save Vasundara’s name. Thapki got poisoned in order to save Vasundara and Shraddha. Bihaan rushes Thapki to the hospital. The doctors try hard to save her life. Bihaan looks on crying, as doctors cover her face with the white sheet. Bihaan gets shocked and asks doctors how can they give up so soon. Bihaan recalls the moments spent with Thapki and tries reviving her by pumping her heart asking her to get up for the family’s sake. Bihaan can’t believe Thapki can die. He gives her a long lecture, sweet and encouraging, that brings Thapki back to life. Bihaan did not lose strength as he has fallen in love with Thapki. Bihaan wants to keep Thapki safe and happy. Bihaan rushes to call doctor seeing her responding. Doctors treat Thapki back and tell Bihaan that his efforts saved her life.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle is mistaken that Kunj is giving her divorce for Maya. She wonders how can Kunj end their marriage so easily. This misunderstanding gets high. Twinkle gets into an argument with Maya over the divorce matter. Twinkle gets jealous of Maya. On the other hand, Anita gets to know that RT is Twinkle’s father. She uses this secret and breaks this truth to Twinkle, before Kunj and Leela tell her.


Ranjana got Manohar killed. She tries to get close to Kamal Narayan, and wants to answer Tejaswini and Suraj. Girdharilal comes in Manohar’s Tervi and asks Ranjana to come along with him to Lucknow. Ranjana and her dad act as per their plan, and provoke Bhaiya ji to take a step. Ranjana cries and tells her dad that this is her house. Girdharilal says no one cares for her here, and he can’t leave her between enemies. Bhaiya ji takes Ranjana’s responsibility and swears that he will marry her. This leaves Tejaswini shocked. Ranjana gets her first victory to get Aazaadgunj’s control in her hand. Chakor gets to know of Bhaiya ji’s second marriage event wherein rainbow circus is going to entertain the guests. Chakor heads back to Aazaadgunj as the circus crew.


Suhani and Soumya fake an act and try to make Gauri conscious of the mistake she did. They want to make Gauri realize how it feels when you blame some innocent person for taking revenge. Gauri’s hyper anger and plannings have got in Suhani’s eyes. Suhani understood that Gauri has framed Pankaj, and took Soumya’s help to make Gauri speak out the truth. Dadi fears that Gauri will be trapped by Suhani and starts putting pressure on Yuvraaj. Suhani and Soumya check a video in the phone, and get shocked as the phone contains evidence. Suhani will get to know Gauri has framed Pankaj for revenge and prove this truth to the family.

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