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Ritik wonders where did Shivanya go. Sesha takes Shivanya’s look and goes to meet Ritik, so that he does not doubt on Shivanya’s absence. Shivanya gets unwell and hopes Sesha brings Ritik with her. Ritik romances with Shivanya, not knowing she is actually Sesha. Sesha will be staying as Shivanya in Ritik’s home. Sesha uses her stay and tries finding some clues against the snake killers. Sesha keeps Ritik away from her.


Jamai Raja:

Sid has got in a woman’s avatar. Sid has become Jyoti Bai and got in Roshni’s Sasural. Roshni’s new father in law has fallen for Jyoti Bai. Ravi Dubey will be seen in a new look again in the show.

Ranveer gets to know Ishani’s problems in Nirbhay’s house. Black magic track will be coming in Meri Aashiqui show. Ranveer and Ishani will be facing new problems.

Dharam sees Meera’s pic and gets sad. He becomes Devdas. Gaura tries to bring him out of Meera’s memories. Dharam has locked himself in the room. Gaura asks him why is he ruining himself in Meera’s love. She tells him that she wants her old son back. She gets angry and breaks Meera’s pic. She crushes the pic under her feet and curses Meera. She wants Meera to come back home so that she can torture Meera. Dharam does some puja and prays that Meera comes back. Dharam keeps the fast for Meera.

Sandhya’s senior comes to meet her at Rathi house and tells her about the new mission where she has to leave for Pakistan. Bhabho gets worried as Chotu’s marriage arrangements have to be done. Sandhya and Sooraj assure Bhabho that they will be back soon. Sandhya and Sooraj have come in Pakistan. Arzoo and Resham get humiliated by the Pakistan men. The man asks Resham not to get Arzoo married to an Indian. He asks Resham to be ready to lose Arzoo. Resham and Arzoo leave. Sandhya and Sooraj were having sweets at the stall and they hear the man speaking against India. Sandhya tells him that real values of Indians and how respectful they are of women. Sandhya has a mission that she wants to end the misunderstanding between both countries.

Paatali Devi troubles people like always. She gets the people beaten up and makes some turn into stone. Very soon, Simar will be taking Paatali Devi’s place in the terracotta region.

Akshara proceeds for the singing competition. There is someone who wants to stop Akshara from winning this competition. Some caller discourages her. Naitik and Naksh inspire Akshara and send her for the competition.

Ishita and Raman spend time with Ruhi, after she has come back from her holidays. Ishita gets to know about Chadda really hurting Pallavi at home, and wants to help her out. Pallavi refuses to seek her help.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Rambhateri can’t believe Raju can molest Nandu. She feels she failed to change Raju. Raju does not see trust for him in Rashmi’s eyes, and accepts the blame. Raval and Pratap have trapped Raju and wants to kick him out of model town, seeing Raju turning emotional towards their enemy Rambhateri. Raval hears that Raju will know Rambhateri is his mother, and then no one can stop them. Raval takes this step to divide them.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Chacha ji has entered the track, who gets confused with Angoori and Tiwari’s relation. Angoori ties spiritual thread to Tiwari ji, wherein Vibhuti lies to Chacha ji that Angoori is tying Rakhi to Tiwari.


Shanta instigates Sharad against Shubhangi, which causes a split between the couple. Kaki can’t see Shubhangi leaving the house and stops her. Shanta asks Shubhangi to leave the house and disrespects her. Kaki scolds Shanta for the first time, and asks her to behave elderly or leave their Gokhale house.

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