Thapki to become Pandey family’s maid…



Shraddha orders a Shivling from the store for Shiv puja and it does not gets delivered for the puja. While Vasundara and Shraddha insult Thapki by giving her work to clean the guests slippers/shoes and arrange at the door… Thapki gets the work of making a Shivling herself. Thapki makes the Shivling by her hands, and does the puja outside Pandey Nivaas. Dadi, Bau ji, Suman and Preeti attend the puja done by Thapki and Bihaan, whereas Shraddha disappoints Vasundara. Bihaan is sure that Thapki’s truth and goodness will be seen by the family soon. Bihaan is coming closer to Thapki, while making everyone love Thapki again.

Vasundara humiliates Thapki to the core and asks her to serve the Pandey family as maid, in order to get a stay permit in their stable. Vasundara keeps the condition for Thapki to earn and pay rent. She tells Shraddha that no girl can bear so much insult and Thapki will be going away from their lives now. To their shock, Thapki dresses as a house helper/maid and comes to Pandey Nivaas. Vasundara does not realize that she made way for Thapki to get inside the house by this humiliating step. While Bihaan stops Thapki from working as maid, he is sure that Dadi and Bau ji will see Thapkiā€™s truthfulness now.


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