Revenge, courage and justice track post leap in Udaan….



Chakor wins the Mumbai Marathon and everyone asks her about her identity which she has kept a mystery till now. Chakor reveals that she is Chakor from Aazaadgunj, and her identity is of a bandhua. She tells the media that she is Kamal Narayan’s bandhua, like the entire village people of Aazaadgunj. The news spreads and reaches the event venue where Bhaiya ji is about to take the oath. Bhaiya ji is going to become sports minister and is stopped by the ministers because of Chakor’s allegations. Bhaiya ji could not take the oath. Chakor announces to everyone that she will be visiting Aazaadgunj soon. Bhaiya ji gets to know that its because of Chakor that he could not take the oath today. Aditya gets happy meeting Chakor after a long time. Suraj consoles an angry Bhaiya ji that he will drag Chakor to Aazaadgunj where she actually belongs. Chakor’s news reaches Kasturi. Kasturi tells Bhuvan that she was sure Chakor would come back. She starts preparing to welcome Chakor back home. Imli works as Bhaiya ji’s loyal servant. Chakor enters Aazaadgunj, and is shocked seeing Imli pointing a gun at her.


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