More weirdness with ghosts’ entries in SSK…



There is a twist in SSK. Simar is trapped in her own house by the ghosts. Mata ji is being controlled or hypnotized by the goons, and she is behaving strangely. Simar thinks she is not her Mata ji. Mata ji asks her family to go on an outing and leave her alone at home. Simar tries to send Mata ji out and want to find out about the ghost trouble so that they can work out to get relieve of the ghost.

Later, Mata ji writes things to do on the white board. She calls all her bahus to divide the work. She starts troubling her bahus and scolds them angrily. Everyone feel strange seeing Mata ji’s commands. Mata ji asks bahus to clean the house with tooth brush and count rice before cooking. She asks Simar to count 50000 rice grains and then cook. Simar and Prem find her behavior strange. Mata ji gives impossible tasks to them. Mata ji is possessed by the ghosts and behaving such way. Simar has to find out the right way to deal with the ghosts. Keep reading.

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