Devi Paulmi schemes to get Santoshi and Dhairya married…



Santoshi sits for her haldi and five devis came to apply haldi on her. Actually Santoshi was sad on her haldi day as family member haven’t invited any guests for the function, but just then Devi’s as Banjarans come to her house and performs the haldi rituals. Santoshi gets happy and the haldi enhances her complexion.


Santoshi is getting married. All the Devis have come to bless Santoshi in the marriage, and the jealousy symbol Devi Paulmi has also come there. Santoshi has got ready as bride. Devis has come on the earth to become part of Santoshi’s marriage. The flowers shower on Santoshi. Santoshi Maa has taken the sindoor and blesses Santoshi. The Lord and devotee relation is shown strong. Devis come for Santoshi, as Santoshi has lost her mother in early childhood. Santoshi is marrying Sanketh. There is abshagun in the marriage. Devi Paulmi comes to create hurdles in Santoshi’s life. Devi Paulmi starts creating destruction in the marriage. She will bring a new twist in the marriage. Santoshi’s marriage will not happen with Sanketh, but will happen with Dhairya. Seshnath clicks Dhairya and Santoshi’s photos, which he uses at the final time to break Santoshi’s marriage with Sanketh. Madhu wanted to keep Riya away from Dhairya. Santoshi gets married to Dhairya, as per Madhu, Seshnath and Devi Paulmi’s plans. Keep reading.


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