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Median zing spoilers



Shagun confronts Raman about Niddhi. Raman says he switched off his phone as he was having a headache. Shagun slaps him for lying. Raman says he wants to live for himself and is tired of kids and family. He has decided to marry Niddhi. Simmi asks how can he ditched Ishita and marry Niddhi. Raman says he has decided to marry Niddhi. Meanwhile at the Bhalla house, everyone cry and mourn for Ishita’s death. They decide to tell about Ishita’s death to Ruhi and Adi. Ishita’s last rites haven’t done till now, but Raman have decided to move on in his life. Iyers and Bhallas are shocked with his decision. Raman says he will get happiness and will marry Niddhi. Niddhi gets happy. Shagun feels devastated with his selfish behavior, and says she couldn’t believe him. It is unbelievable seeing Raman’s this side. Raman says he needs a life partner. This is surely Raman’s trick to save Ishita and bring out Niddhi’s truth.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle tells Kunj how Yuvi and Mahi are playing unfair in the competition to win. Kunj tells her that it does not matter to him. She says she won’t leave the competition and still be part of the competition. Kunj supports her, but tries convincing her to withdraw the name. Kunj does not want Twinkle to get hurt. Twinkle is adamant that she won’t backout and continues to compete.

Jamai Raja:

Shabnam tries to kill Jyoti Tai. The truth have come out. She came to know that Jyoti is Sid as she pulled Sid’s wig. Shabnam tries to snatch her pistol from Sid’s hand. Something happened which she didn’t expect. Shabnam says it was very shocking for me as Jyoti Tai used to sleep in Roshni’s room, and knew that Jyoti is helping Sid, but doesn’t know that Jyoti is Sid himself. She says she gets doubtful when Kunal is sent behind bars for Jyoti Tai’s murder. She wears the blanket and goes to enquire. Roshni and Sid catches her, but she elopes. Sid gets tensed as Shabnam knows his truth now.


Somendra tries to save Sarojini from fire and sets off the fire with his hand. Sarojini is tensed and doesn’t know that he is Somendra and not Munna. Some more kapur fall in the fire and her saree catches fire. She loves Somendra and not Munna. Sarojini is in dilemma and thinks if he is Somendra and Munna. Sarojini doesn’t know that Munna was killed. She thinks Somendra only could save her by risking his own life. Sarojini’s confusion gets cleared.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan gets to know about Thapki working as maid in Pandey Nivaas and stands to support Thapki. He makes Thapki quit the maid work and tells her that he will earn money for them. Vasundara and her husband challenge Bihaan to give them 10000 Rs in 2 days. Bihaan accepts the challenge. He goes in search of job, but he didn’t get any job. Thapki decides to earn some money fast and that’s why decides to wear a tailor’s cap. Thapki starts using the sewing machine and stitches clothes. Bihaan comes back home and sees blood coming from her hurt feet and peddles the machine, so that Thapki stitches the clothes. Bihaan helps her. Thapki is stitching clothes to take care of the expenses as she does not want to put burden on Bihaan. Both Thapki and Bihaan start caring for each other.


Very soon Bhabho’s new bahu Arzoo will handover her wealth to Chotu and will join hands with the terrorists. She will get involved with the terrorists activities. Sandhya will come to know about her link up and will do all possible things to change Arzoo’s heart for good. Arzoo will realize her mistake and will help Sandhya catch the terrorists.

Satrangi Sasural:

Vihaan and Kaira dance with each other while they were on a romantic date. A romantic song plays…………… Ravish Desai is leaving the show soon and Rahul Sharma will take his place.

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re:

Raju is in two minds, on choosing his family or Nandu. He is worried for the model town residents as well, who now believe that Ram has entered Raju’s heart. Everyone trust Raju blindly after Nandu accepted Raju’s love. Raju feels hurt to hurt all of them, and moreover realizes his feelings for Nandu, which he was neglecting till now. His emotions for Garima, Rashmi and Rajni, and love for Nandu overpowers his heart. Raju takes a decision to keep his love true for Nandu and protect her life. Raju determines to fool Raval’s goons and defuse the bombs, so that he can save model town and then free his family from Raval. Nandu is keen to prove Raju’s demon side infront of Rambhateri. Rambhateri gets to know of Raju’s dilemma and helps him in taking the right decision of not doing anything wrong. Raju defuses four bombs and goes to defuse the last one. Raval goes to model town and attacks Raju to stop him from defusing the bomb. Will Raju succeed in defusing the bombs planted by Raval?



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