Sid and Roshni’s new romantic tale and twists in Jamai Raja


jamai raja211

Roshni meets Sid, but refuses to accept that she is actually Roshni, and says she is Ragini. Sid and Roshni dance and romance while a song plays on her birthday. Sid makes arrangements on her birthday. It is actually Sid’s dream and he imagines Roshni. When Sid sees her after the leap of 2 years, he is amazed and surprised to see her. He touches her to make himself believe, and calls her Roshni. He kisses Roshni on her forehead and hugs her. Roshni gets emotional, but controls her emotions. She pushes him and introduces herself as Ragini Desai. Sid has got a big shock. He is asking Roshni why did she kill his love and took away his happiness. Roshni cries as Sid wants to celebrate her birthday. Sid will not give up his love and Roshni so easily. Sid provokes Roshni to tell the truth and makes her admit she is Roshni. Sid says there are many emotions together, when truth came out, its unacceptable.

Sid and Roshni cry thinking about each other at their respective home and hotel. They do love each other even now, but there is a wall of misunderstanding between them, and also Neil and Anya are between their love. Roshni announces her engagement with Neil and shows ring to Sid. Sid is shocked at her decision and breaks Roshni’s photo frame in anger. Roshni is crying, and is unhappy with her decision.


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