Sid-Roshni’s togetherness upsets Neil in Jamai Raja


jamai raja211

Roshni is moving on in life. Neil is angry with Roshni. She wants to make up to him and normalize things. Sid sees Roshni doing Champi to her would be husband Neil. He gets jealous. Roshni thinks it will be ethically wrong to be in love with someone else when Sid is around. Sid goes and gets angry on Anya. Sid and Roshni get mistaken seeing each other, and feel they are happy with their respective partners.

Later, in Roshni’s engagement, Sid and Roshni’s dance blindfolded. Sid and Roshni’s love has everything which never happened before. Its Neil and Ragini’s engagement, but Roshni dances with Sid, unknown that its Sid and not Neil. Neil gets angry seeing Sid and Roshni dancing. Roshni takes an Egyptian look for her engagement. Roshni has thrown her dupatta over Sid’s face again and again. Sid holds her dupatta and they have an eyelock. Janam janam……………plays……………..


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