Masquerade party, surprises and more in Thapki Pyaar Ki



Thapki feels Bihaan met with an accident, after seeing his bike damaged. Thapki comes home crying and worries. Everyone is ready for the photoshoot, and she gets surprised seeing Bihaan at home and fine. Thapki goes to Bihaan and tries to tell him what Dhruv is doing to stop their marriage. Bihaan finds her crying and wipes her tears. He hugs Thapki and cheers her up. They both wear the rocking groom and bride glasses, and pose in the pre wedding photo shoot. Everyone get dressed and get cool photos clicked.

Later, Thapki and Bihaan have a masquerade party. Dhruv gets a chance to dance with Thapki, by hiding his face behind the mask. Thapki identifies Dhruv and makes him dance with Shraddha. . Shraddha feels glad to get Dhruv’s attention and they both have a romantic dance in the party. Dhruv gets shocked seeing Shraddha. Dhruv has arranged the party to get Thapki. Dhruv-Bihaan and Thapki-Shraddha wear same clothes. Dhruv arranges the theme to create confusion. Thapki knows Dhruv’s intentions and makes Shraddha wear her mask. Thapki challenges to fail Dhruv’s intentions.


  1. Such a cheap person dhruv is !! Not at all good…

    Hope thahaan will unite forever…

    I’m very scared of vasundhara dreams.. what will happen now…


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