Raja and Rani’s emotional moment highlights love



Raja and Rani are dancing with different partners and getting jealous. Rani says its birthday party, Raja is getting jealous as Rani is dancing with Jeevan. Raja dances with Lovely. Main Agar Kahoon…..plays………. There is a twist in this happy atmosphere. Raja and Jeevan have a fight. Rani comes in between and stops Raja. Raja is angry as Jeevan holds Rani and is touching her. Jeevan gets close to Rani. Raja loses temper and beats Jeevan red and blue. Rani came in between as always and stopped the fight. Rani goes away and slips. Raja goes to care for her, and holds her aching foot. Raja’s care expresses his love for Rani. Rani gets emotional seeing Raja’s genuine concern for her.


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