High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni becomes Dhongi baba’s Sevika. Dhongi baba asks why you came here? Rajni says I came here following Amrish’s command. Amrish asks her to take care of babaji. Rajni being an ideal bahu, massages his legs till morning. Baba ji gets impressed with her gesture, and says what a bhakti. Rajni says you didn’t give command to stop. Baba ji says I have seen many bhakts, but never seen any bhakt like you.


Rathi family is troubled by the terrorists. The terrorists shoot at the people, and hurts them. Suraj and Sandhya are facing the terrorists. Sandhya is already mourning for her brother and sister in law’s death, and this new threat from terrorists shakes her up. It is yet to be seen how Sandhya saves Rathi family from terrorist attack.


There is a leap in Krishnadasi. Kumudini’s family look is changed. They think Aradhya is dead. Aryan has become devdas after separating from his love Aradhya. Kumudini scolds her and curses Aradhya. She blames Shravani for her inability to control Aryan by her love. Kumudini is looking average now with different jewelry, but Shravani is looking appealing and hot as she has the talk to impress Aryan. She has changed drastically and tries to woo Aryan. Aryan doesn’t pay heed to her efforts. Aradhya will soon return and will take back her Aryan.

Yeh Rishta KKH:

Naira comes to her room and admires sleepy Kartik. Kartik gets happy seeing her. He has married Naira in dream, and imagines her bringing kada for him. Actually he has fever and he is dreaming, he is unwell as his hand is injured in a fight. His dream ends when Naira throws water on her. When Kartik tries to throw water on her, Gayu comes in between them and gets drenched. He feels connected with her through dreams. Naira doesn’t love him and never bother about him, but Gayu loves him silently.


Gopi tries to run away from her house silently, but Dr. Krishna comes infront of her and asks do you think that we will let you go so easily. Gopi requests him to let her go. Krishna laughs. He calls mental asylum people to send Gopi with them. Pramila is very much happy to take revenge from Gopi. Kokila senses Gopi in danger and comes to Dr. Krishna’s home. Pramila is taking revenge of Mansi and takes oath to send Gopi to mental asylum. Gopi couldn’t come infront of Kokila. She plays hide n seek game in her own house. She hides behind the curtains and then in the balcony to protect herself from her inlaws. They want to send her to mental asylum.



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