Raina to propose Rishabh


Raina gets to know that BrahmaRakshas is residing inside the house and he could be in anyone’s body. Rishabh jokes that he is BrahmaRakshas. Raina doubts that Rishabh really has BrahmaRakshas in him. She applies sindoor in her hairline and asks BrahmaRakshas to come out of Rishabh. She provokes him and holds a lotus flower to keep BrahmaRakshas away.

Raina felt if she applies sindoor infront of Rishabh, the BrahmaRakshas can come out, and she can take revenge for Rakhi’s death. She throws sindoor and challenges BrahmarRakshas. Rishabh calls her completely mad and tells her that he is not Brahmarakshas. She asks him to stay away and not come close.

Everyone is doubting on each other. Rishabh convinces Raina that there is no BrahmRakshas in him. Raina proposes Rishabh to marry her, as just a bride can kill BrahmaRakshas. Raina and Rishabh will be soon marrying, and then the fight against BrahmaRakshas will begin.



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