Jai suspected to be Roshan’s aide


Jai faces the inquiry and is interrogated. Abhilasha doubts on Jai to make Roshan flee with the virus, after Haroon paid 25 crores to Jai. Jai is suspected to be a traitor for keeping the mission unknown to others. Jai has gone against all the protocols, just to save the country from Roshan’s terror.

Jai asks Abhilasha to allow him to go for his duty right now. He tries to explain about the first most priority, that’s to catch Roshan. Roy calls it tough to believe Jai. He advises Abhilasha to take strict action against Jai. On the other hand, Maya is interrogated by Siddharth. He asks her if she knows Jai well. Maya tells him that she loves Jai, and is very well aware that Jai is married and has two children. She knows Jai’s son Veer is also ATU agent like him. Veer and Kiran get much disappointed seeing Maya and knowing about Jai’s affair with her. Roshan meets the drug dealer and passes on the deadly virus to spread it in Mumbai. Will ATU and Jai be able to stop Roshan in time? Keep reading.


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