TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Kailash hates Atharv and gets him beaten to pulp by hiring some goons. Kailash succeeds to stop Vividha and Atharv’s marriage. Even then Kailash is exposed in everyone’s eyes, he does not change his menacing plan. He threatens Vividha to kill Atharv infront of her eyes and asks her to marry Ravish in order to save Atharv. Vividha agrees to marry Ravish and could not see Atharv’s wounded state. Kailash succeeds in separating Atharv and Vividha. Vividha gets ready to start her new life with Ravish. Kailash takes her to Delhi for marrying Ravish. Will her past get known to Ravish’s family?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:


There is a new problem in Gopi and Jaggi’s lives. Jaggi hides and meets his mother. His mother met with an accident and she is admitted in hospital. Jaggi dressed in burqa comes to meet his mother. Mansi doubts on him and tries to see his face, but fails. Krishna comes in the ward and checks if Jaggi has come there. Krishna and Mansi are trying best to prove Jaggi is not Ahem Modi. They call Jaggi and inform him that his mother died.


Tanuja has reached Rishi’s house. She gets glimpses of her past. Rishi is in her heart and mind. She gets welcomed by haldi and kumkum unknowingly, as the aarti plate falls near her. Ahana gets excited seeing Tanu and cries. She asks Tanuja to be here, and she will call Biji. Rano is shocked seeing Tanu. Tanuja wants to tell them that she is not Tanu, but Tanuja. She sees Ahana’s emotions and is not able to say she is Tanuja. Rano scolds Tanuja for accepting this face intentionally.


After losing Pihu’s custody, Ishita confronts Mani for supporting Shagun. Mani tells her that he supported Shagun as he finds Shagun right. Mani is sure that Adi has done acid attack on Aaliya and gets his anger on Bhallas by supporting Shagun. Ishita breaks down by Mani’s sudden behavior change. Raman hugs Ishita and they cry. Shagun takes Pihu with her, while Ruhi tries to stop her. Ishita is crying and is worried for her children.


Aparajita has tied Raina and is doing some black magic. Raina is captive at the cave and BrahmaRakshas comes there. Raina is dressed as the bride and is worried that Aparajita’s plan has workout to fool BrahmaRakshas. Aparajita has applied blood mehendi to Raina and made Raina wear her bridal dress and jewelry to provoke Sanjay Thakur/BRahmaRakshas. Raina is kidnapped this time.


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