Soumya’s gentle motherly avatar impresses all

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

Soumya is on hunger strike and is unable to accept kinner society. Guru Maa has locked Soumya in a room. She is worried that Soumya can fall ill. Soumya is very angry and does not eat anything. Guru Maa finds some way to make Soumya eat food. Guru Maa sends a little girl to Soumya/Tarana. Soumya talks to girl and eats food by her hands. The girl convinced Soumya and ended her hunger strike.

Guru Maa asks Soumya to accept them. Soumya wants to go back to Nimmi. Guru Maa is trying to make Soumya adjust with them. The kinners get a responsibility of managing a baby, who constantly cries. The kinners find tough to comfort the baby and get irritated. They try everything to manage baby, but fail. Soumya hears the baby crying and comes there. Soumya calms down baby and feeds the food. She sings the same lullaby which Nimmi used to sing for her. She makes the baby sleep. The kinners get emotional seeing Soumya’s motherly love for the baby and praise her. Soumya waits for Harman to come and free her from this new world. Will Harman live up to Soumya’s hope and expectations? Keep reading.



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