High Five Spoilers

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Aparajita tells Raina that Rishabh has chosen her for this sacrifice. BrahmaRakshas comes to attack on Raina. He catches hold of Aparajita. Rishabh beats BrahmaRakshas and tries to free Aparajita. Raina puts kerosene around the devil. The moment of BrahmaRakshas death is close. Rishabh has stabbed the devil, and Raina ignites fire to kill him. BrahmaRakshas recalled the moment when his bride has killed him. He was taking revenge from Aparajita. Rishabh and Raina save Aparajita. Will BrahmaRakshas die or succeed to kill Aparajita?


Harman has left from home to find Soumya. Soumya is trying her best to call Harman and tell her address. Harman has reached the place and fights with the goons. Harman gets fainting. Guru Maa takes all the kinners to market for shopping. Soumya sees the PCO and rushes to call Harman. Soumya gets caught near the PCO by all kinners. Guru Maa asks her what was she doing here alone. Soumya is sad and thinks how to contact family. Soumya fails to call Harman.


Niddhi had taken Ruhi’s avatar of Ruhaan. Her high heels made her caught. Niddhi has thrown acid on Aaliya by using Ruhaan’s avatar to take revenge from Ruhi who has beaten her badly. Adi was confused about Ruhi, but Ruhi gave proof of her innocence in time. Adi and Ruhi have come home. Mrs. Bhalla does their aarti and welcomes them happily, as the blame got cleared from both of them. The happiness has come back in Bhalla house.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

A snake has come in the Kant family. Everyone scream seeing the snake and run away. Rajni catches the snake, while the snake was going towards Surili. Rajni holds the snake and puts in a basket. Rajni has taken the snake outside to dump it. Surili worries for Rajni. Everyone ask Shaan to go and help Rajni, her life is in danger. Shaan worriedly tells everyone that nothing will happen to Rajni, she is a robot. Everyone feel Shaan is saying anything in tension.


Chakor and Vivaan meet at their romantic date. She acts that she does not love Vivaan, and then Vivaan tells truth that he also does not love her. She gets shocked realizing Suraj was saying truth. Chakor gets to know Vivaan loves Imli and not her. She has sacrificed her love once again.


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