High Five Spoilers

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Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi gets drunk and poetic. Few guards take him to car. Whenever he gets drunk, nice scenes happen. Pragya sees Abhi drunk and makes him sit in car. She tells guards that she will handle him. Pragya takes care of Abhi being his assistant and takes him home.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni and Shaan drag the scientist to the room and hide him. Shaan tells Rajni that she is spoiling his plans, police can come home anytime and see the dead body. Rajni says police will be seeing dead body for sure. Shaan says we have to take this dead body like he is alive and then we will dump him from where she has got him. Rajni has got commissioner uncle to celebrate the marriage. She invited Surili and Amrish’s special guests. Shaan’s problem increases. Shaan says once we dump him, we can enjoy the marriage function. Rajni finds Shaan stressed and activates her massage mode. He jokes on her simplicity and sweetness. He gets a perfect idea. He says we have to get idea and then we have to make this man ready as pandit. Shaan takes the man on his shoulder and wants to hide him from everyone.


There is a fire incident in Simar’s house. Simar and Anjali are trapped. Simar shouts for help and asks someone to open the door. All the family members come there and get shocked. Amar breaks the door and gets in. Everyone worry for Simar. They all try to blow off fire and take her out. Anjali has fooled Simar and left from there. Simar wanted to change Anjali and was stopping Anjali from going out in late night parties. Simar tries to stop Anjali. Anjali pushes Simar. The candle stand from Simar falls down and the fire is ignited. Simar does not realize that Anjali has gone out. Khushi is spoiling Anjali. Simar has to find out and make Anjali a better person. Prem is against Simar. Will Simar succeed?


Goons attack Harman and beat him badly as he reaches Basti to save Soumya. He gets injuries on his head. Meanwhile Guru Maa brings Soumya and other kinnars for shopping, but Soumya thinks to call her family and calls Harman, but she is caught by them and couldn’t talk to him. Soumya comes face to face with Preeto. Preeto shouts at her and says this is your world, your family and asks her to leave them now. She raises her hand on Soumya to slap her, but Guru Maa holds her hand and stops her. She reminds Preeto that Soumya is her family member now.


Ishita slaps Niddhi repeatedly, and says you have done bad with us. She says you have attacked my daughter and trapped my kids and thinking you will get away from the crime. She asks what did you think before attacking Aaliya? She blames her for torturing all family members, and asks Police to give her a rigorous punishment for her crimes. She accuses her for ruining life of both of her daughters, and cries. Police arrests Niddhi and takes her away. Raman consoles Ishita.


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