Ravish to witness Vividha’s anger and unhappiness


Vividha and Ravish have got married. Vividha is dropped to her room and she sees the room decorations. She recalls Atharv and their dreams. Ravish comes in the room and looks at her. He is happy to get his life partner and likes his parents’ choice. Vividha is unhappy and removes her jewelry. She throws her jewelry being upset with the marriage. Kailash has forced Vividha to marry Ravish. Vividha is getting her anger out on Ravish. The saree pin hurts her shoulder. Ravish points out to her that safety pin is hurting her shoulder.

Vividha thinks he is coming to her by wrong intention. She pushes Ravish away and his shoulder bleeds, as he got shot on his shoulder during the border war. She gets shocked seeing Ravish’s shoulder bleeding. Ravish explains her that he was just helping her. Vividha feels bad and realizes her mistake to misunderstand him. Ravish gets much hurt to remove his sherwani. Vividha does aid to his bleeding shoulder. There is not much melodrama between them, as she sinks in Atharv’s memories. Ravish does not understand her anger and annoyance.


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