Apara Mehta joins the cast of BrahmaRakshas


Bua Dadi’s entry brought freshness and light moments in the show. Bua Dadi entered house of Rishabh and Raina. Raina cooks food for her. Raina feeds Ras malai to her. Raina, Rishabh and everyone have come to stay with Bua Dadi at her home, as their home is getting renovated. Apara Mehta joined the show as Bua Dadi.

Bua Dadi has ended the distance between Raina and Rishabh. She keeps dance competition between Raina and Rishabh. She tells the game name that’s to test the couples. Raina and Rishabh dance on the paper. The paper dance brings them closer. At the final fold, Rishabh lifts Raina and wins the round. Bua Dadi announces to send Raina and Rishabh on honeymoon. Bua Dadi gets new flavour in the show. Raina and Rishabh enjoy being with Bua Dadi. The couple will soon face the devil. Keep reading.


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