New twists around Jaggi’s identity in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi has got out of control when he comes to know Ahem’s father Parag is his real father. Jaggi is angry as his father left him and his mum before his birth. Gopi tells Jaggi that Papa ji is his father. Jaggi tells his mum that this man left me and my mum before my birth and did not care to see if they are alive. He tells about his mum doing double role of mum and dad. He gets angry on his father and tells how much problems he has been bearing since birth, how people called him illegitimate.

He locks himself in room. Gopi and Jaggi’s parents try to talk to Jaggi. Jaggi’s anger burst created much tension at home. Jaggi leaves Modi house and goes back to his home. He tells his life hardships, how he had to clean people’s shoes to earn a rupee, and his father who was very rich, left Jaggi to suffer on the roads. Jaggi’s anger is justified. How will Gopi unite Jaggi with Parag? Keep reading.


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