Priyanka finds Shivay’s attitude towards Dev wrong


Dev and Priyanka meet and have a talk. Dev tells elders that he likes Priyanka and wants to know her more. Tej gives the approval for Roka, as Priyanka appears happy. Chabbras leave. Shivay tells Omkara that he liked Dev for Priyanka. Tej tells Priyanka that Chabbras want to keep Roka. Priyanka gives her nod for the alliance. Shakti asks Dadi to get Dev’s kundli once. He tells them that they did not know Dev is Chabbra’s son. Shivay gets to know that Mrs. Chabbra introduced Reyaan as her son before and did not say about Dev. Dev and Priyanka talk on call. Dev asks her to meet on dinner.

Shivay and Anika argue over the confusion. Rudra takes Anika’s side. Anika explains about the problem. Rudra calls it Soumya’s mistake. Rudra tells Shivay that Dev and Reyaan did not look real brothers. Shivay doubts on Dev and finds a new worry. Anika tries asking Shivay about the problem. Shivay does not share the worry with anyone. Priyanka is very hurt that Shivay did not hear Dev’s truth and had done wrong with her and Dev. Priyanka defends Dev. She feels Shivay should have heard Dev once. Keep reading.


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