Devanshi scrambles into temple hundi once again


Sarla and Omi are taking Devanshi back to Jwalapuri along with their other daughter Sakshi and Sarla’s brother Ashutosh. Devanshi asks Sarla the reason for going Jwalapuri. They all reach Jwalapuri when the entire village is at Ghungroo Wali Mata temple to celebrate Mata Kusum Sundari’s birthday. Devanshi looks for the puppy and tries to hide it from Sarla. Devanshi falls inside the hundi of the temple, unknown to Mata Kusum Sundari.

When Mata Kusum Sundari is about to distribute the gold coins from the hundi to her devotees, Devanshi emerges out of the hundi in between the celebrations. Everyone get shocked seeing Devanshi appearing from the hundi and draped in gold. The people call her Dev’s avatar. Mata Kusum Sundari does not recognize Devanshi as Gayatri’s daughter. Sarla gets relieved that Devanshi’s truth did not come out yet. It’s been seven years and Sarla witnesses Mata Kusum Sundari’s reign once again. Sakshi gets to know she is Sarla’s adopted daughter and gets mistaken. She starts feeling insecure. Sarla plans revenge from Mata Kusum Sundari by using Devanshi. Keep reading.


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