Kartik and Naira’s love confessions next in Yeh Rishta

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naitik and Akshara’s romance will be seen in the show after a long time. Akshara gets dressed for the celebrations. Naitik hugs her and expresses his love. Mishti comes and breaks their romance. Kartik wants to get an answer from Naira. He imagines a lovely moment with Naira. Kartik tells Naira that he will quit the job and leave from her life. Kartik stands in the rain and tells Naira that he will not move till she answers him.

Naira scolds him and asks him to come. He says it does not matter to her even if he dies. Naira says it matters to her. He asks her why. Naira stops herself from confessing feelings. Naira argues with Kartik and leaves from there. Naitik comes there and asks Naira to come inside the car. He sees Naira standing in rain and does not know Kartik and Naira’s matter.


Naitik and Akshara have to now solve Naman’s matter at home. Akshara cries and is worried for Mishti. Naitik tells Akshara that he decided to send Mishti to Karishma’s Maayka, but Akshara asks him to not send Mishti away. She shares her concern with Naitik. Later, after all the family problems, Naitik tells Akshara that he is going to office. Akshara showers his love on him. The show will be two love stories and romance tracks. Keep reading.


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